Ditch the Chemical Way Of Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs and Go Natural

Pesticides, insecticides and herbicides are not our comrades. People underestimate the negative effects of these toxic substances. Many have literally no idea about their chemical properties. Unfortunately the institutions that are assigned to take care of the human and environmental health, work in liaison with companies that are in favor of profit and private interest.

The institutions fail to educate the public about the hazardous chemicals produced by the companies. Bans on these chemicals are far from effective because of the negligence of the government. As a result, banned substances are sold until stock lasts. Hence it is essential to stop using chemicals and go for natural methods.

Natural Pest Control Methods:

Many are under the impression that pest control is easy and they just spray here and there as suggested by the commercial pest industry. This approach doesn’t work well for natural pest control. You can’t expect a miracle to happen, after just spraying a product randomly. Long-term treatment is the key to handle pest problem.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs:

Crushed up diatom fossils make up a Diatomite. There have sharp nano-edges and look like shards of glass. When this comes in contact with insects, there are tiny cuts made over their exoskeleton. The fluids in their body starts to leak and results in death. This treatment can also be used in conjunction with any other natural remedy too.


  • This treatment is safe for pets. It can be used to treat your pets of fleas.
  • It attacks the pests physically instead of chemically. Hence they can’t get immune to this treatment.

Some varieties of D.E. are harmful. It is important to use one that is safe for both humans and animals. Food grade D.E controls the population of fleas, carpenter-ants, sugar-ants, slugs, mites, pinworms, and beetles. Many mix it in a drink as it a home remedy for parasite control, colon cleansing and relieving arthritis.

Treating Bed Bugs with D.E:

Beg bug bites cause rashes, dermatitis and allergies. They show increased resistance to the pesticides used these days. The initial step involves gathering all bedding and linen, bagging it up and then washing it at a high temperature. The same things can be done for anything washable that has been exposed to infestation. Dust D.E or use a spray bottle over the entire space. Use it on cracks where the bugs might have gone into hiding.

In order to get kid of all the bed bugs, remove carpets and electric outlets and move around furniture. Use a mask when using the powder as it might cause respiratory problems when inhaled.

Other Natural Treatments:

Combine D.E. treatment with many essential oil treatments. There are resources in the internet suggesting the use of lavender oil, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus on infested places. You can also spray isopropyl alcohol and steam on your mattresses.

In case of massive bed bug infestation at your homes, you can immediately contact dependable pest control specialists by visiting their websites. However, make sure that the company you choose uses non-chemical treatments. The above mentioned tips will help you in finding the best bed bugs control Arizona services.