Important Considerations For Opening A Frozen Yogurt Shop

Seasoned and new entrepreneurs alike need to note the basics before starting a frozen yogurt shop. Some experienced shop owners may ignore the fundamental elements of starting a new shop because they feel that they know it all. When you’ve overlooked the established competitor who’s been a community fixture for the past 30 years you’ll soon find yourself out of business.

Tell your ego to take a back seat. Embrace the process of opening a frozen yogurt shop through fresh, new eyes so you pay attention to each critical step you must take.


Finding the right location helps your store receive more foot traffic. Pick a spot close to restaurants, movie theaters or other establishments which tend to serve individuals looking for a sweet treat. Building your store or renting out space near a 4 way intersection can increase your store’s visibility. Make sure the traffic flow from all directions can clearly see one of your store signs. Also explicitly state that the store is a frozen yogurt store to differentiate your shop from the confectionary competition.

Being located close to schools helps you cash in on the controlling talents of children. Whether they are downright clever or simply throw a fit until they get what they want kids coming home from school have the magical power of convincing their parents to buy them sweet treats. Frozen yogurt offers children and parents alike a healthy alternative to fatty, sugar-laden frozen desserts.

Perform strict due diligence to find where your competition sets up shop. Avoid going up against established frozen yogurt shops or ice cream stores located within a close proximity to your shop.  If you want to stay in business stand out from your competition. Offer that special twist to make customers pick you out of the crowd.

Stock Your Shelves

Between getting supplies and developing your frozen yogurt products you’ll be busy filling your shop with all the necessities. Pick a brand which vibes with your vision by testing as many tastes as possible. Be discerning. Consider only the best frozen yogurt mix to impress your customers and exceed expectations. Look for 8 to 10 flavors available throughout the year to ensure a steady supply of product during each season. Low fat, no sugar added and seasonable frozen yogurts should be made available in great variety.

Purchase a good, reliable soft serve machine. The machine is the backbone of your business. If it breaks down you need strong support to fix the machine and to be back in business. Don’t forget to stock your shelves with cups, plastic utensils, sanitizer packets, napkins and other must have’s for your new shop. Plan through exactly what you’ll need to vibe with your customers. Consider investing in a flat screen TV if you want to have parties and other events at the shop. Maybe you can lease or buy an old school arcade game machine if this idea resonates with your brand image. Add that little extra flair to improve your presentation and become memorable.

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