Tips For Improving Network Security

Are you a network security worrywart? Following a few simple techs can likely quell your anxieties. Training users to create strong, tough-to-crack passwords and being stingy with giving out network administrator rights can help to plug holes in your network’s security fence. Be diligent in following these basic fundamentals to save yourself and your company potentially crippling problems experienced due to a network security breach.

Use Strong Passwords

Demand that network users select strong passwords to keep your network secure. Hackers can easily guess passwords involving combinations of names, birthdays or even common nicknames. If you can easily remember your password based on some personal information hackers can likely recall your password too.

Use a password based on numbers and symbols to beef up your network security. It’s OK to integrate a personal element, like a nickname or the name of a former pet, but adding a collection of symbols as well as numbers will throw hackers and cyber thieves off of your trail.

Build strong passwords by adding a few extra characters to the mandated minimum number of characters. If you’re asked to create a 6 digit password consider using 10 or 12 digits to make things difficult for either employees who want to hack into exclusive networks within the company or for outside hackers who want to compromise your network. Adding a few extra digits can make it almost impossible for a hacker to crack your long collection of text, symbols and numbers. Adding a bit of logic to your passwords can make it tough for bots to crack your code and adding random digits and symbols makes it difficult for human users to guess your password.

Find the right mix between random and logical to thwart hackers.

Be Slow to Give out Admin Rights

Why hand the keys of a shiny new Ferrari over to a newbie driver? Of why would you lease a Porsche to a person with a criminal record? Giving out admin rights to inexperienced users or employees with a checkered past is a recipe for IT disaster. Many networks have been compromised by techies who’ve made rookie errors.

Leaving doors open when you should have closed them can open the door for malicious hackers to destroy your network. Keep your network secure by only awarding admin rights to veteran users who know exactly what they’re doing.

On the other hand you’ll want to avoid offering admin rights to experienced users who you do not trust fully. Some professionals may be unusually negative or critical of the company. Other users may have made a few questionable mistakes in the past which suggest they were intentionally trying to leave a network open to hackers. In either case never give out admin rights to people who can’t be fully trusted. Only make reputable, trustworthy, professional users network admins to run a tight ship and to keep your network safe and secure. Only a select few individuals should have admin rights in the case of most small or medium sized businesses.

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