Dedicated Server Hosting – Safe Data Centers Make All The Difference

Dedicated server hosting

Businesses that have reached a certain stage of growth you are no longer content with sharing servers with other users. Shared servers, provided by accountable service providers, offer cost effectiveness, and many benefits. They will however not be able to keep up when your business needs more security, and abundant resources. You might then want to consider upgrading to dedicated server hosting. Here are the top features of dedicated hosting solutions.

Best Data Centers

When you are choosing to keep data on a dedicated server, you would want to check the safety of the server. A measure of server safety lies with the facilities at the data center where it is housed. Check for features such as biometric access, presence of security guards and fire alarms. You would also want to ensure that the server location is safe, with not much risk of natural disasters. Additionally, the data center must have power backup and climate control.

Control Panel

Dedicated server hosting means that you get a control panel through which you can monitor account activities. You can also allocate resources efficiently because you have a lot of resources to administrate. You can also offer limited access to different departments, for purposes of better management.

Encryption and Firewalls

Your account is safeguarded with password protection. This means that unauthorized access to your account is not allowed. Encryption also safeguards important data on your sites. You might want to check if the firewalls are properly configured. You would also want reliable anti malware for your account. Another important feature would be anti spam tools, to counter spam reaching your email and site.

Dedicated IP Address

One of the most important reasons for choosing dedicated server hosting would be that you get to have dedicated IP address. This means that search engines would find your site more reliable. Also, customers who receive emails from your IP address would realize that you are using a unique IP and this adds to your credibility. Since you are not sharing the server, the risk of spam originating from your server is reduced, and this makes search engines perceive your site more favorably.

The Best Support

Customer support is an important part of dedicated server hosting. When you are using an entire server, you might have questions that need answers quickly. You can send an email to the customer support department, and get a reply within a few hours. On the other hand, if you are facing a crisis with the account, you could call the technical support, at any hour and on any day, and get assistance.

Install Your Favorite Apps

There are certain useful apps that you want your sites should have. With root access to files, it becomes easy to install these apps. If you have questions, you can always rely on tech support to help you. You might also have a site on another hosting platform. If you are planning to transfer your site, you might receive help at no extra cost, from the service provider.

Attention to customer requirements, technical expertise, experience, and control panel are some of the other features of the best dedicated server hosting.