Smart Parenting App To Monitor Your Child

As a parent you are required to supervise your child at every step. You cannot always achieve this as you can never be present with your child 24/7. To make your parenting job easier you provide your child with a Smartphone such that you are always in touch with your child. But this move leaves you worried about the fact that your kid might misuse his phone. As a parent you would also be worried about your kid getting into bad habits of drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse or even premature sex. Tracking your child’s cell phone activities like the text messages, photos, social networking activities. You can never do this as your child might delete the logs too.

Thus, mobile spy software makes this easier for you by allowing you to track your kid’s Smartphone activities that include the texts sent and received “what’s App” chat messages, Face book and Twitter messages. A smart solution that gives you all the details whenever and where ever you need. You can still track down the details that your child deletes on his/her phone.

It also features like a real spy that enables you to take live pictures from the rear and front camera of your child’s Smartphone.  Al you have to do is successfully install this mobile spy software in your child’s phone. This software will never be visible in the phone’s background thus carrying out its assigned task without your child’s knowledge.

You can log into your personal account that is password protected, just type in your username and access to your child’s mobile data. Visit www.mspy.itfor more information.

Why is it must to Track your Child’s Phone Activities?

Smart phones now do more than making calls. Your child may make wrong friends which will surely hamper and affect her/his future. He can browse the web for viewing inappropriate things too. He/she may send or receive sexually explicit text messages. Your child may also end up risking his/her life by using phone while driving. Thus it becomes very essential for a parent to keep a track of all your child’s cell phone activities.

How is it used?

You have to just install the mobile spy software in your child’s Smartphone. All the data of your child’s phone activity is sent to an online control panel that records all the data. You can also login and have a live check on your child’s activities. All you have to do is install and breath free. The live control panel is the feature of this spying solution that enables you to watch your child’s phone activities on your web browser on your computer or your Smartphone. Keep track of your child’s website history, GPS Locations, contacts, emails and What’sApp messages. All this can be done easily, without your child’s knowledge. Mobile Spy is equipped with a Smartphone interface that runs without being noticed in the monitored phone’s background. You can change the interface settings if you wish to once you have logged in. Visit!