3 Things To Do In Los Angeles

Los Angeles offers you the glitz and glamour of a big city while giving you some of the more successful, entertaining franchises in professional sports. Whether you want to rub elbows with the stars on Hollywood Boulevard or spend an evening at an LA sporting event you’re guaranteed to be entertained.

Go to a Lakers or Clippers Game

Soak up a Lakers or Clippers game to watch two of Los Angeles’ most popular professional sports teams. You’re all but guaranteed to see an entertaining, fast-paced affair as each team goes up against the elite athletes of the NBA. Professional basketball isn’t just about what goes on during game time. After the whistle blogs keep an eye out for dancers, cheerleaders and most of all, scour the stands for a healthy bit of star-gazing.

Luminaries like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Larry David and Denzel Washington are regulars at Los Angeles pro basketball games. Spend 3 hours at a Lakers or Clippers game. You never know who you’ll spot.

You will want to buy tickets well in advance to your trip. As the Clippers are becoming a more successful team and the Lakers are perennially one of the most popular franchises in sports you don’t want to be left outside the Staples Center. Seeking tickets a few months in advance should help you find seats when you’re in town.

Go to a Dodger’s Game

America’s past time offers you more than a relaxed but at times maddeningly exciting game. Heading to a Dodger’s game in LA gives you a glimpse into a summer time event. Sure you’ll see elite athletes rounding the bases, slamming into catchers, socking the ball out of the park and running down fly balls in spectacular fashion. The real fun starts when you enjoy the entire scene around the stadium.

Treat yourself to a few hot dogs with mustard and a beer if you prefer adult beverages. Or you can nosh on a bag of peanuts while enjoying your favorite soft drink.

The culinary delights are but one aspect of an afternoon or evening spent at a Dodgers game. Crowd watching reveals some of the zaniest characters at sporting events. Dodger’s fans are some of the most passionate, loyal fanatics throughout Major League Baseball. Scanning the stands will introduce you to entertaining and sometimes downright hysterical characters rooting on their beloved team.

Surround Yourself with Star Power

The article Three Ways to Treat Yourself like a Movie Star in Los Angeles explains how taking a walk down Hollywood Boulevard can help you feel famous. Think about the last time you were around serious star power. Whether you rubbed elbows with a movie icon at a restaurant or bumped into an entertainment star at a play you probably felt like a star yourself.

Pampering yourself like a star starts with surrounding yourself with stars. Hollywood Boulevard is an iconic tourist spot known to attract eclectic and downright interesting people. You can check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the TCL Chinese Theater while cruising through the area.

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