Tips For Fixing A Clogged Toilet

You may feel worried about flushing for fear of creating an unpleasant situation in your bathroom. Even the calmest person feels terror at the prospects of dealing with a clogged toilet. Relax. By following a few basic tips you can dissolve the block and get your bathroom in working orderly quickly. The secret lies in using a few basic devices patiently to work through the clog. If you can’t remove the block yourself call in a professional to fix the problem.

Shut off the Water

Never try to flush your toilet if it’s clogged because you risk overflowing the toilet. Unless you’re prepared to clean up a nasty mess in your bathroom shut off the water via the water valve to the side of or behind the toilet. Turn the valve clockwise until the water ceases to flow into the toilet.

Use a Plunger to Clear Blocks

Plungers can provide you with a quick solution to your toilet issues. Simple suction devices or more complex contraptions should be big enough to cover the opening at the bottom of your toilet bowl. There should be ample water in the bowl to cover the plunger’s cup. Pushing through the clog with water makes your job a bit easier but if you don’t have enough water in the bowl don’t fret. Simple add a few large cups of water from the bathroom sink to aid your efforts.

Place the Plunger on the Hole

The next step is to place the suction cup on the hole at the bottom of the bowl to start the flushing process. Pump the plunger. Throw your back into it. Vehement plunging helps dislodge any toilet paper or other material which acts to create the block. If you’ve effectively created suction you’ll hear noises in the pipe and feel a strong pressure build. Press the plunger 10 times. Pull out the plunger to see if you’ve broken the block or dislodged the material.

If you’ve noticed the clog is still in place go through the same process. Form suction and pump the plunger 10 times to remove the clog. If the material has moved up from the pipe you can either flush the toilet bowl without turning on the water or decide to remove the clog while wearing a pair of gloves.

Turn on the water after removing the waste of flushing the clog down the drain. Flush the toilet again. After flushing the toilet if the water settles back to normal levels without clogging you’ve fixed the problem.

Consider Using a Snake for Stubborn Blocks

Clogs which have moved down the drain are stubborn, difficult to reach blocks that need some coaxing with a snake, also called a plumber’s auger. Snakes can reach deep into drains to cut through toilet clogs. Slowly reel out the tip of the device into the drain. Crank calmly for optimal results. Once you feel like you’ve broken the clog slowly reel out the snake to avoid breaking the pipe or doing any damage to your plumbing system.