Tips For Finding The Right Plastic Surgeon

You can improve your appearance, boost your self esteem and gain confidence in yourself by having plastic surgery. Whether you want to fix your nose or lose a few pounds around your waist you need a knowledgeable, friendly surgeon to perform the procedure. Vibing with your prospective surgeon is a critical aspect of your experience.

Doing in depth due diligence gives you confidence in your choice. Get as much information as possible online and offline to make an educated, confident choice. Speak to your physician for a professional opinion on who should perform the surgery.

Build a Rapport

Being able to communicate with and vibe with your surgeon is critical to your experience. Sit down with your prospective surgeon. After talking with him or her gauge whether you two are hitting it off. Even if the individual is highly skilled you need to develop chemistry with them. If you two don’t click it makes little sense to pick them as your surgeon. Connect with someone who vibes with you.

Ask Professionals

Ask your primary care physician for referrals if you’re looking for a plastic surgeon. Speaking to an experienced physician can give you confidence in their selection. You’ve likely built up a great deal of trust with your doctor. If you believe in their judgment you’re likely to find a cosmetic surgeon who can fit your needs.

Demand Board Certification

The American Board of Plastic Surgery should have certified the surgeon whom you’re researching. Although this seems like an obvious requirement many impatient or downright ignorant people overlook certification, to their detriment. Any physician is permitted to perform a plastic surgery procedure. Board-certified doctors have completed at least 3 years of general surgery training and 2 years in plastic surgery training.  These individuals have also passed oral tests. If you’re going to make a significant investment in your appearance make sure you’re going under the knife with a professional at the wheel.

Check their Past

Some plastic surgeons have a history of frequent malpractice suits or other red flags. Check out the website for your state’s medical board to find this information. Malpractice judgments are typically listed on most state’s medical board websites. Dig deep. Demand a crystal clear record to gain confidence in your surgeon. Also keep an eye out for any disciplinary actions the board levies against plastic surgeons.

Steer Clear of Multiple Procedures

Any time a surgeon bundles in two or three multiple procedures you’re raising the risk for a dangerous mistake. Even the best surgeons can’t be at the top of their game when pushing themselves too far. No doctor is immune from burnout. If your surgeon advises going under the knife for multiple surgeries you may want to pick another professional.

Some plastic surgeons unethically suggest multiple procedures for monetary purposes. Doctors receive a fatter check if they advise you undergo more surgeries. Some less than honest physicians may suggest getting work on your lips or eyes even if you simply wanted a nose job. Beware these surgeons.