Back Pain Due To Rheumatism

The spine is the backbone of every human, without it, it would have been possible to sit, stand or do any other job. It is the most vital part of the human skeleton, as it is the backbone that holds the entire human structure together. It is also known as the vertebrae and houses 32 bones. It protects the spinal cord, which is in fact, the second brain of the humans.

The reason the spine is also called the second brain is that it works in unison with the human brain because of which the body is able to do the necessary actions. While the brain sends messages to the particular parts of the body, the spine helps in giving that part the required movement. It is thus, that special attention and care should be given to the backbone, just as is done for the brain.

However, with each passing day, the complaints of a back pain are increasing, which are either of rheumatic type or trauma type. The rheumatic types are more common and widely seen. This is the reason rheumatologist Regina Kurrasch is endeavouring to carry out clinical research and find out better ways and means of treating these unbearable pangs of rheumatism. She is glad to have been a part of NIH, Wyeth and Glaxo Smith Kine, in her work of clinical research. She aims at focusing on the various kinds of therapies that she can administer to her patients in order to give them relief from such tremendous pain.

The rheumatic back pain is often due to changes in the climate, i.e. the amount of humidity in the air, the kind of winds blowing and how hot or cold the weather is. You could actually give a weather forecast by seeing the condition of these rheumatic pain patients! The rheumatoid arthritis affects all the joints and junctures in the human body, in this respect it is quite different from the osteoarthritis, which occurs only in joints of knees or wrists and in which the inflammation happens to the bones on both sides.

Though the occurrence of this illness cannot be avoided but the pain can be reduced considerably by taking certain precautions. The first of which is not leave the joint areas of the body exposed to the climate. In other words when the joints will be exposed to extreme weather changes the pain will sharpen.

The second step would be to take proper care of the bones and joints by following a healthy diet and lifestyle. There should be a lot of omega 3, 6 and 9 acids, vitamin C, and calcium and of course a whole lot of minerals and water, within the contents of your diet. This should be coupled with physical exercise like Pilates, yoga or similar things.

The kind of pain endured by the arthritis patients are sometimes acute, as experts like Regina Kurrasch will say, but the treatment of this disease if given properly and maintained similarly will surely help ease the pain to a great extent.