6 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Joints and Bones

Suffering through joint and bone problems can greatly impact your quality of life. Following a few simple steps can help you address any lingering issues and will help you feel better. 

Use these 6 tips for taking care of your joints and bones.

Pick the Right Sized Shoes

Keep your bones and joints healthy by wearing properly-sized shoes. For example, high heeled shoe wearers are more likely to experience joint pain and related issues down the road. Go for function over form. If you do wear high heels from time to time make sure to change heel heights to take it easy on your feet. Demand arch support and toe room from shoes. Pick sneakers with cushion support to buy with your joints and bones in mind.

Keep on Moving

Change positions regularly if your job requires you to sit in one spot for extended periods of time. Office workers and anybody who may be stuck in front of a computer need to move frequently to improve circulation. Moving regularly can help reduce joint paint. Walk for 5 to 10 minutes during short breaks. Move around during your lunch break.  Set up exercise routines to stay in shape and to prevent bone or joint pain. Just make sure to rest regularly if you’re a workout nut as your body needs time for recovery too.

Chill out

Athletes and weekend warriors alike may both suffer through bone and joint pain due to overtraining. Your body needs time for repairing itself. If you exercise too intensely or if you give yourself too little time to recover from workouts expect to suffer through pain and injuries. Ligaments, muscles and tendons need breaks from physical activity. If you weight train spend 2 to 3 days weekly away from the gym. Runners should take off at least 1 to 2 days weekly. Let your body recuperate to avoid chronic joint pain.

Switch Up Your Routine

Changing exercises can be mentally and physically cathartic.  Add low impact exercises to your regimen like swimming and yoga to take it easy on your joints. If you absolutely love working out with weights or can’t ditch kickboxing take a few weeks off from these high impact exercises for at least a few times annually to allow for recovery time. Changing up your routine is also the best way to be enthusiastic about your exercise campaign. Take it easy on your joints and keep your energy levels high. Mix up your workout regimen.

Warm Up before Working out

Prevent injuries and improve your workouts by warming up properly before you hit the weight room or the road. If you warm up regularly you’ll loosen up your joints and tendons and allow for ample circulation throughout your body. Walk or jog on the treadmill in the gym or walk around the track one time to avoid joint problems.

See a Therapist

Find orthopedic doctors in your area to address any recurring issues. If you’re suffering from bone or joint pain a specialist can help you get on the road to recovery.