The Dangers Of Underwire Bras After Breast Augmentation

If you are reading this, then congratulations! You are one of the many women who have come out to the other side of breast augmentation surgery, as breast augmentation surgery in Atlanta, especially through Crispin Plastic Surgery, is becoming more and more common. This is the time when wearing underwire bras, that you have been eyeing off in the stores for months, would seem most tempting and appealing. However, you should really let the healing process fully conclude before you even consider buying any of those attractive underwire bras.

There are several reasons why you should let yourself heal properly before you purchase an underwire bra, some of which are:

  • The tissue surrounding your breast implants has recently experienced trauma for the period of your breast augmentation surgery and you might be experiencing numbness on the lowermost half of your breasts and wearing an underwire bra can irritate your skin without you even being able to notice it.
  • The incisions from your breast augmentation surgery can become inflamed if you wear an underwire bra right after your breast augmentation surgery. This is due to the friction or heaviness from the underwire in your underwire bra on your incision that could cause a lot pain and may even cause problems with the healing process of your incision in the long term. You will definitely not want unsightly scaring after breast augmentation surgery.
  • Most surgeons argue that if you wear an underwire bra too soon, right after your breast augmentation surgery, you might also change the shape of your breasts that will lead to a less than desirable end result.

For the reasons listed above and many other serious considerations, you should definitely wait until all your healing is fully complete before you even think of wearing an underwire bra. The general time period that you should wait after your breast augmentation surgery and before considering a bra with an underwire can range from anywhere between two to four months, depending on your surgeon. You should most definitely consult your well informed and qualified surgeon for a full medical approval before you consider wearing underwire bras or begin your exercise again.

In the period right after your breast augmentation surgery, bras are usually used to hold any wound dressings in place, protect the tissues and prevent any extra movement of the implants. Sometimes your surgeon will decide that it will be best for you to wear no bra at all, during the first few weeks after your breast augmentation surgery, for example, when your surgeon thinks that the implants need to settle in completely. Going bra-less will help in stretching the soft tissues because the breasts will be able to move more freely.

Being able to determine which type of bra you should wear mainly depends on the type of augmentation surgery you have had and the surgeon you have.  After your breast augmentation surgery, you will have a number of follow-up visits with your surgeon to remove your stitches, if you did not go for dissolvable stitches, and to keep a check on your recovery, checking for any swelling and any other minor complications that you might have. It is very important to make sure that you keep these appointments with your surgeon regular for these very explanations. When you are at one of these check-up visits, make sure you remember to ask your surgeon exactly when you can start wearing underwire bras again, so that you do not make any hasty decisions.

Shopping for new bras after having had your breast augmentation surgery can be, both, exciting as well as daunting. You are recommended to look for bras that not only look great, but also provide you with, both, support and enhancement of the healing process. Not only is it wise for you to think about whether you should opt for a sports bra, compression bra, medical grade after-surgery bra,  go bra-less or just a bra with the appropriate size, but there are also some other aspects that influence your recovery. Choosing a well-fitted, supportive bra for you is vital to prevent breast ptosis or sagging of the breasts, as well as back and shoulder pain.

For you, finding a bra that fits might be easier than you may think, but you should still follow a few guidelines to make sure it is the right fit, such as, the band of your bra should not ride up in the back, but it should actually remain at the same level as the front and if you feel the need to shorten the straps of your bra, in order to lift your breasts, then you should try a smaller sized bra.

Crispin Plastic Surgery is increasingly becoming the most recommended place for breast augmentation surgery in Atlanta and you should definitely give it a try for a great experience with which you will definitely be satisfied.