The Inside Secrets Of Owning A Property In Noida Discovered

New Okhla Industrial Development well known as N O I D A (Noida) is one of the few very rapidly developing cities in the northern part of India, and has a mixture of fast growing trade, commerce and real estate. Flats in Noida offer a great ambiance. Apartments and complexes built are away from the rapid actions of the commercial sector in Noida. Noida stands at 17th place when it comes to cleanliness of a city in India. Most of the land in Noida is not very fertile and the agricultural output is low. It is in the flood plains of the Yamuna river on one side and the Hindon river on the other. Many villages are visible from the Noida Expressway. Up until the 1980s these villages were flooded every 2–3 years, resulting in people temporarily moving to other places in Noida, and even as far as Mehrauli in Delhi.

Due to a rapid industrialization and urbanization in Noida and increasing infrastructure requirements, a lot of private housing players have become active in the region. But the intermittent reports of corruption and bending of laws for their own profit have created doubts of trustworthiness and quality in the mind of property purchasers. Time and again the woes of the buyers make national news.

Residential Noida is distributed under various sectors. For example: Sector 1, Sector 2, Sector 3, Sector 4 etc. which consists of high-profile and fully-furnished apartments which offers its residencies various facilities at their door-step, with other basic necessities of the ‘modern world’ within the complex or very close to the sector they live. Such facilities insure the residents don’t have to visit the main city. Online trade is such cities is more effective as people don’t want to move outside for basic household commodities or issues. Rates of flats in Noida are high and so, is the income level of the people who work there.

Buying homes isn’t a tough call in a city like Noida because, flats are available; Noida currently, has a numerous number of residential and commercial projects ‘under-construction’. According a report, the latest issue which is going to impact the upcoming housing projects in Noida is an order from National Green Tribunal, directing Noida Authority to not issue completion certificates for any project falling within a radius of 10 KM from Okhla Bird Sanctuary. This has a potential to impact 4000 home buyers who are eagerly awaiting the delivery of their dream homes.

Though, Noida has a number of developing projects still underway. Availability of flats in Noida are ample, and offers great and a variety of facilities to its residencies and the government is working hard in order to allocate this fast growing population of Noida due to modernization and commercialization.