How To Create A Cleaning Schedule

We all have different ideas of what makes for a clean house and what doesn’t. Some dedicate time for daily cleaning, while others wait until it’s unavoidable, like the arrival of a guest. Having a busy schedule or living alone can mean less time or less necessity for maintaining a spotless home. Small children, a large home, pets, and roommates can increase the workload significantly. Everyone’s cleaning schedule will differ. It’s important to tailor cleaning schedules to accommodate your life.

 The Template for Cleaning

Take 15 minutes to think about the chores that you do around the house. For problem areas that don’t get enough attention, list how often you would like cleaning to take place. If you are using the cleaning schedule to motivate yourself and don’t know how often you should clean, follow the instructions below.

Categorize Chores by Frequency of Cleaning

Some tasks are done daily, while others stay clean for a period. Some messes trigger other messes, and you will want to prioritize those. Once you break down the cycles of messes, schedule them on a calendar to manage your time and remind yourself of the tasks. Below is an example of how to complete this exercise.

Daily Chores

  •  dishes
  •  sweep the floors

Chores For Every Other Day

  •  mop the floors

Weekly Chores

  •  laundry
  •  wash the windows

Monthly Chores

Spread the workload if you want to complete the work evenly, or schedule it for a day when you have more time.

Keep it Simple

If you’re not the type who works well within rigid plans, choose another way to separate the tasks. For example, you might divide your home into areas. If you have a large house, separate them by rooms. Clean heavily used rooms more frequently, and rooms like the attic or the basement less regularly. Even with this schedule, there will be daily chores still such as washing the dishes.

Ask for Help

Instead of taking on the cleaning duties all on your own, split the tasks among those who live in your house. You may not be able to divide the tasks evenly, but decreasing your workload will give you more time for yourself and reduce the risk of resentment. If you have small children, you’ll have to wait until they’re capable of helping. Ask your children or roommates to take responsibility for one task or room. For example, your roommate may love to organize all the bottles and containers in the washroom, or you might have one who kid likes to do laundry. Appoint that child to permanent laundry duty.

Spot Clean Like a Professional

A small mess can disturb the look of a clean room, and messes happen very easily. Someone knocks over the books on a table. While looking for scissors, you rifle through the entire drawer. To maintain the great feeling of a well-kept house, clean messes as soon as they happen. That way, you’ll feel like you had a home cleaning service visit your house everyday!

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