Surgical Options For Inverted Nipples

Atlanta breast surgery is a medical service that helps women who want to undo an inverted nipple. There has been a great deal of time and resources dedicated towards studying the causes and the treatments for inverted nipples, which has helped many women.

Inverted nipples are hardly ever a real concern. However, cosmetically speaking, women may not be satisfied with their appearance. An inverted nipple tends to be flat against the breast or appear to remain inward rather than outward. Normal nipples protrude, but inverted nipples are the other way around. Apart from the cosmetic concern, an inverted nipple means that you may have a hard time feeding a child. A simple surgical remedy can resolve this issue.

The Reason why Inverted Nipples Occur

An inverted nipple may occur in one or both breasts, and it can happen with 2% of all women. Below are some reasons why an inverted nipple occurs:

  • A narrow nipple base (this is quite unusual)
  • Milk duct scarring (normally occurs after an infection or surgery)
  • Shorter milk ducts

Some women are born with inverted nipples; others develop it over a period of time. In some rare cases, inverted nipples can be a sign of breast cancer. This is why an inverted must be examined by a physician.

Degrees of Nipple Inversion

Nipple inversions can occur differently in different women. The degree to which it can occur will probably determine the desire to go in for corrective surgery.

  • The lowest form of a nipple inversion includes the nipple appearing flat most of the time, but protrudes upon being stimulated by a cold touch.
  • The second degree of nipple inversion includes the nipples being inverted all the time, but upon suction or manipulation they do respond quite easily.
  • Then there is the third level of inversion which includes nipples that do not protrude at all, even after applying any type of manipulation.

Most women who look out for nipple inversion treatment are more than likely to have second or third level inversion. No matter which level of nipple inversion you have, treatment can be carried out at any level.

Surgical Remedies for Nipple Inversion

Inverted nipple correction is a safe procedure, and it is fairly straightforward when handled by a professional and experienced plastic surgeon. With Dr. Crispin Atlanta breast surgery specialist, you will receive the highest quality of care.

With the best breast augmentation Atlanta services available to you, inverted nipple repair is just a step away from you. Surgical repair can be carried out with local anesthesia, and there will be a minimum amount of discomfort and recovery time.

There are new techniques available for nipple correction. These help to obtain a natural result and often enough help to maintain your ability to breastfeed. Atlanta breast surgery methods are among the most advanced, and their procedures only necessitate a minimal incision at the areola. This leaves little visible scarring and the results of the procedure can be seen right away.