How To Speed Up The Tummy Tuck Recovery!

To begin with, when deciding on going in for a tummy tuck, people usually consider the pain factor which is tied to the healing period. This healing or recovery period can be scary because it is defined by the pain factor. More pain means a tough healing period. Coupled with this is the duration of healing.

So let’s say, if you experience pain, you’d want your healing period to be as short as possible. Although the pain is actually manageable and is at the minimum, you would still want your healing time to be as short as possible.

Once you have an understanding of how you can manage your healing duration after a tummy tuck, you will be keen on going through the operation as quickly as possible.

A major step towards healing quickly after a tummy tuck is to treat your body well before you go in for surgery. You ought to begin readying yourself several weeks before you go in for the procedure. You must realize that you must get yourself into a healthy mode as your healing procedure will be more effectively managed when you are healthy.

You must also adhere strictly to your doctor’s advice. This includes advice before and after your surgery. If you fail to do this, you may experience complications. Below are some tips that can help you prepare for your healing procedure.

Stop Smoking – You must stop smoking at least one month before you go through your tummy tuck surgery. Smoking is known to result in complications because it lowers blood flow. You must also refrain from smoking for at least a month after undergoing your tummy tuck procedure.

Watch your diet carefully– It’s most important for you to take care of your diet after your surgery. You must consume nutritious foods that will ensure that your body remains healthy and can recover quickly. You are advised to consume vegetables,chicken, salmon, and fruits, as they contain a range of nutrients necessary for your body to recover.

Consume plenty of water – Your body must remain hydrated by consuming a sufficient amount of fluids. Consuming water is your primary means of hydrating your body. This must be a practice before and after you go through surgery, and it will help to prevent the occurrence of any complications.

Get out of bed – While it is important to get sufficient rest that will help your healing process, you can’t afford to lie still for very long periods. If you lie or sit for long periods without moving at all, you can develop blood clots. You must make an effort to get out of bed and move around. This will help your circulation. However, this must be according to your tummy tuck surgeon’s advice.

Walk around sufficiently – You’re not supposed to start going to the gym, but you are advised to walk about in order to keep your circulation going. You are advised to start slowly and you may increase your walking slightly when you feel you are ready.

Wear your garments – You need to make sure you use your compression garments. These are given to you for a reason, and you can reduce bruising and swelling by using them.

Sleep Position – Your ideal and advised sleeping position is an inclined position. You can use your pillow for positioning your body after your tummy tuck. This position ensures that the incisions do not experience stress andwill therefore not open up.

By following an Atlanta tummy tuck surgeon’s advice, you will be on the safe side and will recover quite quickly. All you need to have is a little discipline and adhere to this advice and avoid pushing your body into unnecessary activity.