How To Stay Cool and Healthy In Summer?

When we are discussing how to stay fit in summer, then protecting you against the sun should be at top priority. You may remember that when you were younger you were not sunburned. But now you are getting sunburns quite often. It doesn’t mean that you have changed and cannot cope up with the heat of the sun. It is simply because of the depleting ozone layer in our atmosphere. Day by day this ozone layer is getting thinner and because of that harmful ultraviolet rays are reaching on the earth.

In order to save yourself from the sun stay indoors and if you cannot stay indoors, then at least stay in the shade especially at the peak hours of the sun. Moreover, ultraviolet rays are harmful, whether it is winter or summer. To safeguard you from these rays, you are supposed to wear sunscreen lotions. Purchase a sunscreen lotion of SPF 15 and apply it 30 minutes before moving out. You can reapply the sunscreen lotion after getting wet or taking bath.

Wear Proper Clothes

When you are out in the sun, wear long sleeved shirts and knee length shorts. Cover your head also because your head and neck are the most vulnerable parts to cancer. Wear sunglasses, it will not only protect your eyes, but sunglasses will also add a style to your looks.

Timely Exit

Whenever you go out, making a timely exit can save yourself from unwanted situations like getting sunburn. Suppose you have to go for shopping and for this you have to walk on foot, then avoid going out in the peak hours.


You are ready for a day out and you have taken your shoes T-shirts and sandwiches. You have taken sports drinks also, but do you know that you are supposed to drink 64 ounces of water every day. When you are working out or moving in the hot weather your body requires even more. When you sweat you lose water, in case you don’t consume water in the right amount, you will become dehydrated. We all know that the dehydration is a serious matter, which you are supposed to stay away from. The best drink is water as it does not contain any flavoring agents and unhealthy calories. On the other hand, carbonated soda or sugary drinks will not quench your thirst; rather they will increase your craving to have more. As a general rule, try to drink 1 to 2 bottles of water every hour until you stay in the sun. Visit us  for detailed information.

Do Not Forget Your Breakfast

Many times in the summer people move out without taking their breakfast in the morning. Your body cannot function properly without proper nutrition. This may lead to heat overexposure and dehydration when your body doesn’t have fuel to burn for energy. Opt for a healthy breakfast which consists of protein, eggs, whole grains and fruits. This will jump start your metabolic rate and keep you energized.