Summer Team Building Bucket List: Outdoors and Offsite

When the sun is out, a long day at work can feel like a lifetime. That is why it is important to make the most of the summer and all the activities and fresh air on offer, especially when considering team building events and activities.

The outdoor lifestyle that comes as part and parcel of the summer season brings with it a whole host of outdoor activities people can get involved in. This means there are lots of ways you can keep your team enthused and excited this summer, whilst ensuring they strengthen their bond and work well together.

For some ideas and inspiration on how you can go about team building outdoors and offsite, check out the below five suggestions that make up our Summer Teambuilding Bucket List.

Make A Difference

Volunteering is a fantastic way to spend your time, whatever time of year it is. Whether you get involved in a community project, help out at an animal shelter or take part in a sponsored event, fundraising and offering hands on help is both rewarding for you and beneficial for others. Make a difference as a team this summer by tidying up public spaces, conducting a lunchtime litter-pick or doing a departmental sponsored run. That way, everyone’s a winner.

Pop To An Ice Cream Parlour

If there is one thing that brings a smile to people’s faces in the summer, it is ice cream. The ice cold, sugary goodness transports people back to childhoods at the beach with one taste. Make the most of the nostalgia and warm fuzzy feelings ice cream inspires and take your team out to a local ice cream parlour one afternoon. It can be a late lunch, a post-work event or a special occasion; whatever it is, people will be delighted and conversation will flow freely as they reminisce with one another about the “good old days” of 99p flakes and ice cream moustaches.

Sun, Fun and Friendly Competition

If you remember how Sports’ Days were back at school then you will no doubt remember that amongst the tension and competition, there was a lot of fun to be had. You see, there is a lot of fun to be had when people get competitive; their inner child comes out and everything is fun and games. That makes a Team Sports’ Day a real summer treat because people can run around, uninhibited, just like they did when they were younger. What’s more is that the friendly competition and team camaraderie that comes as part and parcel of a sports’ event really helps to strengthen bonds between team members.

Team Field Trip

Field trips aren’t something ordinarily associated with offices and workplaces. They tend to be filed as “chances to escape” back in school. As working adults though, people can enjoy the freedom and excitement of a field trip for what it is; a new experience and a refreshing change of scenery. It could be an afternoon out, a weekend trip to a theme park or a day out at a local attraction. Whatever it is, it will be thoroughly taken advantage of and enjoyed.

VIP Event

If your team want or deserve a more special team building event this summer then consider holding a VIP event for them. The flexibility of a VIP Event (in terms of themes, location and purpose) is endless. You can opt for super dressy soiree complete with evening meal and entertainment or you can choose a more casual event like a beach themed party or a day out on an inflatable obstacle course. They key is to use your imagination and communicate with your team to see what kind of event they would enjoy best.

Of course, these are just a few of the ways you and your team can have fun and work on team building this summer. Depending on your team’s preferences and what you hope to get out of your team building events, you may come up with alternatives to the suggestions above.

Whatever you choose to do in the team building department this summer, make sure you make the most of the fresh air and nice weather which will perk up your team in no time, boosting their moods and improving productivity whilst strengthening the team bond.

Have fun working your way through the bucket list!