Effective Utilization Of Customer Feedback Mechanism For Improving Customer Support

When we think of customer feedback, the very first question that comes to our mind is, “Are we proactive when to comes to garnering customer feedback”? Majority of the smart managers generally are. Customer feedback is one of the key ingredient to improving customer support mechanism- or any other service for that matter. When we dive into the deeper details, it is a crucial fundamental if we are willing to create epic customer experiences. We are also well-versed with the fact that many of the large business conglomerates spend millions of dollars in gathering feedback. However, the most intriguing fact still remains that a vast majority of those business units don’t do anything with the collected data.

According to recent research by a leading research company, as much as 93% of the surveyed companies were used to collecting customer feedback on a regular basis. The most mystifying fact that emerged out of the survey was that only 12% of those surveyed companies actually used feedback to deliver a higher level of service quality and only 5% of which actually communicated the changes made to the end-customer.

In today’s evolving economy, merely providing improved customer service isn’t enough. We have to strive harder to deliver customer experiences that exceeds their expectations and creates a new benchmark in their minds about service quality. It is because of this very reason that companies opt to outsource tech support services to professional call centers that have a proven track record when it comes to delivering top-notch quality services every single time.

Let us now examine a couple of effective ways of delivering quality customer support by effectively utilizing the customer feedback mechanism.

  • Evaluate what’s important to customers

The most shrewd and tech-savvy managers use feedback as an effective tool to evaluate what’s important to customers. Many of the reputed outsource tech support companies use surveys-either over the phone or email as a great way to achieve this goal. Many of the large business houses consider surveys as a flexible marketing tool and it is vital to use them to our advantage. Another method that comes to mind is the use of statistics to infer what’s important to customers. We can opt to ask them about aspects like tech support’s performance in key areas or about any of the other service attributes. It is a recommended practice to then make use of statistical analysis to evaluate the relationship between the attribute and an outcome. While this method of evaluation is considered to be lengthy, adding an extra level of rigor pays off, more often than not.

  • Prompt action on the evaluated results

 Once we are done with collecting valuable customer feedback, it is advisable to act on it promptly. Many of the upcoming managers are so busy in their work that they often tend to push customer feedback aside. Such managers need to realize that customer feedback is too vital to lie fallow. This is why it is recommended to outsource tech support vertical to a professional unit so as to make effective utilization of the same. There is a formula to make use of customer feedback: Collect it. Classify it. Assign it and then follow-up on it. It is important to note that doing so fosters action among our people, encourages them to collaborate and quite often, puts them all on the same page.

However, there needs to be a sense of caution when we are using customer feedback. If there is one customer complaint about a certain aspect, we must try to rectify the problem of that particular customer. But if there is large number of customers complaining about that particular aspect, it demands change. Hence, it is important to make sure that the data actually justifies making a change. Business units tend to collect this data by utilizing outsource tech support services that have the right set of analytical tools and the right personnel for utilizing the collected data in an effective manner.

Rather than just making a change as per customer feedback, it is also imperative to communicate the same to our customers. This practice would make the customer feel relevant and will bring in a sense of transparency and responsiveness to our set of operations.