10 Tips For A Smoother Office Move

Transferring an office to a newer location is an exciting endeavour for the management and the Vancouver office movers as well. But, along with this excitement comes a chaotic time that packed with preparation, long to-do list and possible work interruption. With a bit of proper planning, you can lessen the possible problems during the move and make the transition go efficiently.

Just simply follow the 10 tips below from Vancouver Corporate Movers to make your office move a success:

  1. Make sure to plan your move ahead of time. Small business move must be planned six months beforehand while big commercial moves will need minimum of two years of early planning.
  2. If you have to hire commercial movers, make sure that they have the experience, knowledge, manpower and skills for an efficient and smooth office move.
  3. Another important thing that your moving company must have is an insurance. Ensure to have a copy as office buildings require it.
  4. Be on contact with both the building you’re moving out and moving into. It’s most likely that the move will happen during non-business hours as most buildings don’t allow moves during business hours. That means moving will be during the weekends.
  5. Make sure to know the requirements of the building you will be transferring to. The building may have limited time for your loading trucks to park, would require that floors must be protected and covered and elevators reserved ahead of time.
  6. Inform your employees of the move as early as possible to make sure they are also ready. Check with your local law with regards to the required amount of time needed for a company to give their employees notice during a move.
  7. Know what printed materials like envelopes, stationery and business cards will need changes.
  8. Make sure to make an announcement about the move.
  9. If your professional moving company doesn’t have a move manager, make sure to hire one. They can help in coordinating with the moving team, IT installation team, furniture delivery, etc. If you don’t hire a full-service mover or a move manager, just make sure to provide the movers with a rough sketch of the destination building floor plan so they will have an idea where to put the furniture.

Days before the actual move, you may require help with packing, so it’s wise to seek help from a reliable moving company.