Speech Pathology Is The Study Of Language And Communication

It is a speech pathologist’s job to assess, diagnose, and treat language and communication disorders in adults and children. They also diagnose swallowing difficulties. Here are some of the common problems that speech pathologists try to resolve:

Speech Pathology Specialties

• A speech disorder happens when someone has a problem making speech sounds fluently or correctly, such as lisping or stuttering. Some people may also have problems with their voice in general. It may take several months of therapy to resolve these issues.

• When people have problems understanding others or sharing their own thoughts, they have a language disorder. These types of disorders may occur in spoken or written communication. People with language disorders may not know how to use their language correctly.

• Some people may not understand the social use communication. These are known as social communication disorders. They may not be able to carry on a conversation at all. These issues are common in people who have sustained brain injuries.

• People who suffer from cognitive communication disorders have trouble organizing their thoughts or paying attention. They may have lost their ability to remember things or do basic problem problems. Such disorders may be caused by birth, brain injuries, or an illness.

• Dysphagia is a swallowing disorder that makes eating, drinking, and swallowing difficult. This may be from injury, illness, or from a stroke.

This is also good for kids so that they can get into mainstream classes in school or learn that they can get off special services. You need to submit these things to the school when you are ready, and you need to make sure that you have the therapist tell you how often you need to get the work done.

Additional Speech Services

Other services that speech pathologist in Mitchellville provide are rehabilitation for people who are hard of hearing or are deaf. Clients who have severe problems with expressive and language disorders (i.e. autism or neurological problems) can receive special communication systems from their speech pathologist.

Possible Careers in Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology Mitchellville can become teachers and prepare college and university students for the profession. They can work for a hospital or own their own clinic or private practice. There are a lot of national, state, and local agencies that employ speech pathologists. Some may choose to supervise and direct clinical programs or public school health departments. They may provide consultation and counseling services to other clinics and agencies, or train their employees. Sometimes, speech pathologists help in research projects to learn how human communication processes work and to develop new assessments and treatments.

No matter how speech pathologists decide to use their training and certification, they are a vital part of the clinical world. Thousands of people see these professionals for their disorders on a regular basis. People do not have to suffer in silence when they have a good speech pathologist for therapy.