Top 10 Latest Beard Styles Will Make You Think Twice

Beards are in- there is no way that you can deny that. A good, well-maintained beard with the right hairstyle is all that a man needs to look his true self- confident, well kept and ‘manly’. However- this is easier said than done. Knowing what beard style goes with your looks and hair may be a little tricky for some. We have you covered on that- as you read ahead, you will come across some of the best beard and hair styles that you can choose from. Try it out and see what suits you best!

The Top 10 Beard Styles

  1. Medium Hair and Beard: One of the classy and evergreen looks, you just need to have medium length hair and a thick beard. It suits both formal and casual attire- making it a versatile beard style to have. You only need a bit of weekly maintainece each day for the beard!
  2. Long Hair and Beard: Long hair on men are one of the sexiest things every. Even Hollywood agrees on this one! Pair your long hair with a well-maintained medium length beard. It is crucial that you maintain the beard and check up on it at least 2 times each week.
  3. Top Knot and Beard: The secret to looking great with a top knot is to have a beard that goes along with it! Seriously- no one does a top know without having a beard. This amazingly sexy hairstyle with a beard is all you need to make those heard turn when you walk in!
  4. Man Bun with Beard: A Man Bun with a beard has been the classics ever since the 50s or 60s. This is a more mature form of the top knot- and makes you look classy and experience. Remember to keep that beard maintained and well trimmed- nothing too light or too heavy with those hair!
  5. Thick Beard: Not everyone has what it takes to grow a thick beard- many have tried and failed! If you have what it takes, and are not using those genetics, then you are making a big mistake! A thick beard with well-maintained sideburns for continuity is all it takes!
  6. The Business Beard: If you thought that beards are not the professional way to look, then you have never seen the ‘Smart Professional Beard’. You will need to trim and groom the beard every day, or a maximum of once in two days- do not put more gaps than that!
  7. The Hipster Beard: As the name suggests, you will go for the Hipster Beard if that is what you are looking for. This look is not something that everyone can carry- but if you have the face and personality for it, then your hipster self is sure to look great!
  8. The Winter Beard: Who said that beards have no use apart from looks? If you live in a place that gets real cold during those months, then a winter beard is what you need to stay warm. Even if it does not get that cold- who does not want to look as great as that?
  9. Tattoos + Beard: Do you want to look badass? If yes, then a beard with some tattoos is what you need. A bit of weekly maintainece with good genes will get you a great beard- and for the tattoos, well, you know where to get those!
  10. Stubble: No hard feelings if you are not a fan of a big beard- a stubble will do great! It helps you to look manly and is not too much either! A bit of regular upkeep will help that stubble stay right where it is, making you look great!

A Little help for All of that

All these beard (and hair) styles are great in their own aspect. However- just knowing about them is not enough. You will need a way to style your beard accordingly, as well as maintain it. The key to a good bearded look is regular maintainece, and you do not need your salon for that. With an excellent beard trimmer, you can do that on your own. This is where some of the best trimmers by Braun and Philips come in.

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Thus, with this, not only do you know what the best beard styles are, but also what the best way to get them is. With all this knowledge, it is time to get the look that you have always desired- without going to the salon! I bet this will reduce your grooming cost to minimum. Another factor I want to share with you, most probably all the lumberjacks like me suffer from dry skin problem underneath the beard. Recently I saw an interesting article on how to deal dry skin under beard. It will really help you. Here is the link: You can check if you need.