Is University Of Lincoln For You?

So you’re looking through all the info about different universities. It’s like there’s an internal prospectus permanently paging through your brain – all you can see is degree course details, stats, modules, rules, regs, co-ordinates, dry info on the places you may want to study.

To make a proper decision about where to study, you need to know what a place is like on a day to day basis. Yes, University A may be a fabulous college for niche physics applications, but how would it be to live there for three years? Equally, University B might really rock the student union party-angle, but will you come out with a degree good enough to kick-start your career?

It’s a tough call and as with any major life decisions, it’s not one to be rushed into. Channel your inner sensible-swot and methodically assess all the options and choices laid out before you. Write down a list of non-negotiable elements that a university must have, then use this as a filter. Try not to be unduly influenced by location, because some of the best educational institutions can be found in the most unlikely places. Take University of Lincoln as a case in point…


Situated in a relatively quiet Midlands town, University of Lincoln may not have pinged your radar as one of the most exciting places to study. However, you should not dismiss it merely on the basis of where it is, because Lincoln has a lot going for it.

First of all, centrally located in the Midlands it is perfectly placed in the centre of the country – so wherever you are coming from, it’s easy to get to. Close to several international airports including the East Midlands International hub, with a railway station and near to large cities such as Nottingham and Leicester – it’s right at the centre of the action. Listen, the Romans considered Lincoln strategically well-placed enough to build loads of brilliant roads, castles, villas and whatnot round here – and the Romans were pretty ahead of their time on a lot of things, it’s got to be said.


You get some idea of the scale of Lincoln when you learn the population is around 120,000. However, a high proportion of that number are students which has a profound effect on the atmosphere of the place. Many local businesses rely on the student influx and the liveliness of the place is remarked upon by visitors from far and wide. Yes, it’s a historical place which was really exciting in Roman times, but today it’s having a renaissance with a modern, highly respected public research university at its heart with cutting edge facilities. If you are worried about telling your mates you are studying in a town, you can technically big it up into a city because Lincoln has its very own stunning medieval Cathedral. Having a cathedral automatically gives a place city status – push that angle if anyone starts questioning your choice.


There are too many plaudits and positives about the education you get at University of Lincoln to list them all here. You will see it featuring in many of the national and respected lists and guides reflecting good pass rates, healthy onward graduate employment, student satisfaction – it’s all good. The investment in modern facilities in recent years has really left a lot of similar establishments behind and Lincoln has edged way out in front especially in subjects such as Psychology, Art and Design, Sciences and Media, TV and Performing Arts studies and Architecture.

A lot of the success and student satisfaction of University of Lincoln is tied in to the modern campus facilities. For student accommodation Lincoln provides modern and comfortable places for undergraduates to live close to all amenities. Both on campus and nearby, for student accommodation Lincoln offers purpose built apartments designed to make student living convenient, safe and fun.

Believe it or not, when you are a student there will be times when you won’t have a book or computer stuck under your nose. So it’s good to know that Lincoln is well set up for lively nightlife and socialising. On the Brayford Pool campus you’ll find lots of shops, restaurants and bars to keep you busy and there’s a venue called The Engine Shed that regularly hosts great gigs with bands you’ve actually heard of.

If you are wondering which way to jump on the university question, why not take some time to check out University of Lincoln? It’s easy enough to book yourself onto an open day to see for yourself what a brilliant opportunity for study and fun this place could be…