3 Tips For Developing Faith

Building your faith in times of need requires you to follow a few basic steps. Even the most devout believers have moments of darkness and doubt. Gaining clarity in your values helps you get back on the right path.

Connecting with people of faith, meditating regularly and praying effectively can help you develop your faith quickly. Follow each tip persistently to tap into an infinite power so you can best serve others.

Surround Yourself with Believers

Surround yourself with people of faith to feed off of their energy. People who believe in a higher self positively impact your life. Each person goes through a period of doubt. It’s natural to lose faith or to lose your way from time to time. People of great faith help you to find your way again.

Think of the power in a battery. Imagine linking a series of batteries with one another. The collective power of the batteries is immense. Now picture a group of people meeting with a belief in something much bigger than themselves. Each person can pick each other up. The collective energy of such a group is overpowering.

Connect with priests, lay people of great faith and anybody who resonates with your religious beliefs.


Spending time in silence helps you get on the straight and narrow during difficult moments. Meditate to develop your faith in a higher power. Meditating is a bit different from prayer since sitting in silence helps you clear mental clutter. As the clutter clears you can tune into perfect counsel. Prayer is more of a reaching out to a higher power with great thanks and expectant belief that your life is being guided by an infinite force.

Meditating regularly helps you quiet the ego-based, restrictive, doubting energies to make room for the resolute, faith-filled person you were born to be. Meditate for 10 to 20 minutes upon waking to establish peace of mind and to improve your ability to tune into your intuition.

Pray Effectively

Many who feel strong doubts have forgotten how to pray effectively. Prayers are answered according to the manner in which the prayers are asked. Some pray from a desperate, worried or anxious space. Although experiencing negative emotions is entirely normal you want to clear these energies from your mind before you connect with Christ to pray.

Pray from a place of gratitude to develop your faith. Dwell on all of your blessings before you decide to sit in a quiet spot for communing with the infinite.  Praying from a high energy space sends out a faith-filled signal which is answered in the way that it’s asked.

Keep in mind that your faith-filled prayers are answered with the perfect solution. You may not receive what you intended to receive but you’ll receive an opportunity through which you can grow your compassion, loving-kindness and other blessed gifts.

You may not get specifically what you pray for but you will be blessed with a wonderful opportunity to serve others and receive other blessings.

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