Single Door vs. Double Door Refrigerators – Which One Should You Buy?

Buying a new fridge online means making one important decision that is whether to buy a single door or a double door refrigerator. Both have their own benefits. Single door refrigerators of course came a lot of years back whereas the best double door refrigerator is a new thing and fascinating at that. Now, double doors are slowly replacing these old single door refrigerators but of course they are expensive and have other issues too. We will therefore, help you decide which one to buy but first let’s do a quick comparison of the two.

Quick Comparison of a Single door vs Double door refrigerator

Single door refrigerator Double door refrigerator
Refrigerator capacity In the range 50 – 220 litres In the range 235 – 495 Litres
Family size Perfectly suited for a family of 5-6 people Perfectly suited for a slightly larger family of 5-10
Power consumption Less power consumption due to same refrigerating unit, and hence, less electricity bill obtained Comparatively more power consumption, and 30 to 40% higher electricity bill.
Size of freezer Small-sized freezer Large-sized freezer
Occupied floor area Occupies little floor surface area Occupies larger floor surface area
Shelves size Lesser shelves space so bigvessels cannot be accommodated Larger shelves space so better accommodation
Cleaning effort for ice Manual Ice cleaning Auto clean feature
Cooling technology Direct cool along with natural convection Frost free technology with electric fans
Price Cheap
Range:    Rs. 6,000 –    20,000
Range:    Rs. 20,000 –    55,000
Example Godrej single door Refrigerator LG Double door Refrigerator


After seeing the above table, a lot of your questions may already be resolved. If you look from the point of view of power consumption,then you should obviously go for single door refrigerator as it will help you save a lot of future bills on electricity. This happens because of the frost free technology of the double door refrigerators where electric fans are working to continuously circulate the air. They are also larger in size. Hence they generate more electricity bills.On the other hand, if you are looking for a big capacity fridge for your large family then going for a double door fridge makes sense. The price is also sometimes an important factor. Since single door refrigerators are cheaper, most people especially in India, prefer them over double door refrigerators. So you can go for the former if you have a limited budget. Another important factor is appearance and aesthetic value. Double door refrigerators are designed to give a luxurious feel and hence, have an appeasing look to go with home decoration. So you can go for the latter in case you want a well designer look for your fridge. Shelves size is also important when it comes to using the fridge for commercial purposes in which case you may require large bottles and vessels to be kept in the fridge. Thus, in that case going for a single door fridge is recommended.

We hope we have successfully resolved your doubt.

The final choice should always be yours and to go through the collection of single door as well as double door go to websites like Flipkart, amazon, etc.