Simple and Fun Kids Party Ideas

Every parent wants what’s best for their child. We want to make their birthdays special, and as a result of this we sometimes get carried away. It seems that birthday parties these days are no longer simple, low-key affairs featuring homemade cupcakes and games of pin the tail on the donkey. Parents go out of their way to throw a high-impact extravaganza with entertainers, party favours, and lush venues sending budgets sky high.

But who’s to say that you can’t throw a simple, fun-filled birthday party at home that your kids will love and remember for years to come? It’s time to get back to basics, people! Take a look at these three simple and easy kid’s party ideas for some inspiration.

Arts & Crafts Party

One of the great things about arts and crafts parties is the fact that there’s no need to shell out for party favours or goody bags. The kids get to show off their creative flair – and take home whatever it is they’ve made as keepsake. It’s important, however, to have a clear number of guests in mind when throwing an arts and crafts party, and to make sure that you inform parents that things might get a little messy, so to dress accordingly.

Rather than hiring a clown or a magician, invest your money in buying some low-cost craft supplies such as paper, glue, glitter, pompoms, card or even clay if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. You could even ask guests to bring some of their own supplies too – perhaps they have a pair of old socks that are just dying to be made into sock puppets? At an arts and crafts party, kids really do make their own entertainment.

Food Party

Cooking and baking parties are a great way to get children interested in cooking, preparing and eating their own food. Hosting a party like this is easy to execute, with a little forward planning and careful consideration.  It is important to consider the maximum number of guests you could accommodate comfortably (and safely) – and also to keep parents informed of the theme of your party. Is your kitchen big enough to host ten little people making pizzas and cupcakes? Can your oven handle that kind of heat? These are all things to consider when you are planning your party.

You could get around potential problems related to oven space by opting for simple dishes that don’t require any cooking at all, such as cupcake decorating, sugar craft or making healthy treats like fruit kebabs. Plus, you’ll save on party food, because your guests will be preparing and eating their own treats (and taking some home to share, of course).

Teddybear’s Picnic

This is a cute party idea that is nicely suited to younger children. At a Teddybear’s picnic party, kids are invited to bring along their favourite furry friend for a wonderful indoor picnic – complete with picnic food, and games such as pin the tail on the teddybear. This is a traditional party with a cute little twist, and so can feature all your old favourite party games such as musical statues, pass the parcel and apple bobbing.

Even if this party idea is best suited to younger children – there’s no reason you can’t add a little theatre to your event. You could make fancy dress compulsory (even for the parents), or even invest in some astro-turf indoor grass to give your home that woodland feel.

But it doesn’t have to all be about the décor. You could offer face painting for each of your guests (you could save a fortune by doing this yourself), or organise an indoor scavenger hunt for sweets or even pots of honey, keeping with the teddybear theme. And at the end of the day, why not consider giving each of your guests their own teddy bear to take home? The money you’ll save on hosting such a simple party means you can afford to splash out on a few little extras to keep your guests smiling.

By opting for simple party games, rather than hiring an expensive children’s entertainer, and offering traditional picnic food such as sandwiches and cakes will mean that you’ll have plenty of room left in your budget for adding extra touches to make this party one that your kids will remember.