Selling Baby Clothes Just Got Easier And Much More Fun Than Action Sites

The eco friendly movement is going strong – it has carried through from the recession, and everybody appreciates a bit of home made cookies and patchwork quilting. For new parents, excellent value second hand baby items in prime condition are a vital element of their kids’ ensemble.

A lot of mums and dads simply don’t want to spend a huge amount on their children’s clothes.

It’s the switched on mothers that are getting on board and making some extra cash from selling their baby gear. The secondhand baby clothes industry has mushroomed, and I’m not surprised. The excitement of buying impeccable quality children’s toys for a fraction of the full price is not rocket science for most mums and dads. And the thrill of selling your own stuff and keeping all the profits is great too!

Sarah, a mum of two girls says “I time and again book a table at my local nearly new baby sale, as I can get a tidy sum for the out grown items of both my children, and it still costs parents loads less than it would anywhere else. I am a regular at the nearly new sale up the street from the kids school”.

Back in the Old Days it was different of Course…

When I was small, jumble stores were dark and drab with only clutter, stigma and embarrassment. They were somewhere where I obscured my face as my nana dragged me in, desperately hoping that none of my friends would catch me in the act.

I did in fact, once safely inside, love rooting around for second hand books, or browsing for flowery skirts in their second hand kids clothes section – just so long as it was a secret.

Today thankfully, it’s utterly different. Preloved shopping is trendy, enjoyable and an adventure – with things like nearly new sales and auction websites, 2nd hand shopping is proving to be popular. These days, most peeps are now pleased to say yep it’s a Period Classic, or I discovered it in this Fun little preloved store for a complete bargain – I only had to pay a few dollars! 

Selling your Kid’s Stuff in the Atmosphere at Nearly New is Great Fun

There is tons of info in our world, ranging from nosey neighbours, to women’s columns offering views whilst overwhelming pregnant women with adverts for stuff they have no use for.

These sales give rise to a cosy, friendly female community…

The nearly new family sale is a proper local stomping ground, where people with children already can offer their wisdom to expectant mums, and soon enough they will be the ones selling baby clothes of their own. It’s lovely to have the excuse to browse a sale full of folks who have already been in your shoes.

Fabulous kids clothes and toys are hard to find. So if you are out for the day, do poke your head into a baby nearly new sale, or even come along yourself to sell baby clothes and equipment. Be warned though – the more you visit, the more addictive these sales become!