How The Internet Is Changing Modern Relationships

Thanks to constant innovation in the online world, the way we meet people is constantly changing. From sites that offer professional networking to sites that offer no-strings adult fun, there is something for everyone. The online offering is always constantly evolving, with new propositions being released all of the time. One particular trend is for more niche sites, allowing people to spend their time in environments that truly meet their specific needs.

Social Networking

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Bebo and Instagram are great for building up social networks and making new friends online. They encourage content sharing and connections can often translate into offline friendships, especially where interest groups are created. These sites are free and fun to use and offer a lot of flexibility. As with most sites, they are also free to use. However, one downside is that they aren’t moderated for authenticity and users aren’t always completely clear about what they are looking for. They tend to be best left for general friendship and communication.

Business Networking

For people who are looking to meet new contacts for business purposes, tools such as LinkedIn can be highly valuable. The site works in a similar way to Facebook, but with a business angle. Individuals create a profile and build up their contacts list – primarily through people that they actually know. The site also advertises jobs and other opportunities and can be a great way of building business relationships and making online contacts that can later be fostered offline.

Online Dating

Does online dating work? The experts have no real idea. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that a lot of people do find success online. There are many different sites available, from Match and eHarmony through to Tinder and more niche sites for people with interests in vegetarianism, sports, politics and religion. The user creates a profile and uses search criteria to find other potential matches, making contact via the site when they spot someone they are interested in. The process can be hit and miss and slow at times, but a lot of people find that it works for them in terms of widening a social circle and meeting potential mates. These sites tend to be paid for via a subscription, but they are certainly less expensive than traditional offline dating agencies.

Something Easier?

Not everyone is looking for a relationship, however, and some people find that online dating simply isn’t right for them. In fact, some evidence suggests that over 40pc of people using ‘dating’ sites such as Tinder are actually in relationships. In this instance, a casual dating site can be ideal and provide simple access to no-strings adult fun with like-minded people. There are a number of these sites available, such as, and they are very popular. They provide advice on staying safe and making the experience work for the individuals involved. The popularity of these sites is also growing, as they are viewed as being a very ‘honest’ means of finding like-minded people directly and openly.

So whatever you are looking for, the internet will help you to meet new people of all kinds.