Hiring An Italian Speaking Nanny – Important Interview Questions

Finding an Italian nanny in London may on the surface appear to be something of a daunting prospect, though these days is actually much easier than it has ever been before. The reason being that not only are there more Italian nannies and Italian speaking nannies in London than there have ever been, but tracking them down by using online resources is an absolute breeze.

As such, the only matter of importance is that of making sure that the nanny you choose is in fact the best nanny for the job. Again, this does not have to be a difficult job as it really just comes down to asking the right questions during the interview. Even if the agency you choose carries out in-depth interviews, it is still of the utmost importance to carry out your own interviews and ask your own questions.

So if you are looking to hire an Italian nanny in the near future, be sure to cover all of the following questions during the interview process:

How Long Have You Been Working As A Nanny?

First up, you need to know how long they have been working as a nanny for the simple reason that experience is paramount when it comes to professionalism.  There are certain things about the nanny profession that you cannot learn from a book or expect to pick up after just a few jobs. Instead, it takes months, years or in some cases decades to become the very best nanny you can be – experience therefore counts for a lot.

How Long Have You Been Working In the UK As A Nanny?

As this is a rather specific type of nanny you are looking for, it is important to also ask them how long they have been working as a nanny in the UK. The reason being that the way of life in London is of course much different than the way of life in the average Italian town or city, therefore you need to know that your nanny is familiar with the way things are done in Great Britain. The longer they have been there and the longer they have been working as a nanny there, the better.

This is one of the most important questions you can ask as knowing what it Made You Decide To Become A Nanny? At inspired the individual to become a nanny will usually tell you all you need to know about them as a person and their capabilities. For example, if you get the feeling that they became a nanny by accident or simply because they needed extra money with some kind of casual work, these generally aren’t the kinds of nannies that inspire confidence. By contrast, if they tell you that they have always had a passion for child care, a deep love for family life and have wanted to be a nanny for as long as they can remember, this is much more reassuring.

What Do You Think Makes The Difference Between A Nanny And A Babysitter?

The role of the nanny is exponentially different to that of the babysitter, though this is something that many newcomers to the industry don’t quite realise. When hiring a nanny, you’ll be looking to hire a professional who not only looks after the kids on a sporadic basis, but essentially becomes part of the family. As such, you should really find out ahead of time exactly what a nanny is and does in the eyes of the person you are considering hiring.

What Is The Reason For Which You Are Seeking A New Family To Work With?

It is also interesting and important to find out why it is that this nanny in question is right now looking for a new family to work with. Most nannies seek long-term commitments and do not tend to switch from one family to another very often. As such, it is worth asking why they departed from their prior family as it could very well be that they were either fired from the job or just upped and left with no real explanation.

How Are Your English Language Skills?

Never let the fact that you are seeking an Italian nanny cloud your judgement when it comes to the importance of their English language speaking skills. The reason being that when they are required to speak to pretty much anyone other than you and the kids, they will of course be required to speak English – and fluent English at that. This is especially the case should there ever be an emergency, so be sure to vet their English skills thoroughly.

Do You Have References?

Last but not least, never take on a nanny of any kind and under any circumstances without first asking for references and actually checking them.  It is one thing to provide a piece of paper filled with lots of lovely feedback and reassuring words, but it is something else entirely to actually get in touch with the nanny’s prior clients in order to verify what they have to say.