Inexpensive Decorating Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Most homes have at least one tiny bathroom. Whether it’s the only bathroom or a kids’ bathroom, some homeowners don’t know how to decorate it to create the illusion of being larger, more inviting or to simply make it look nice. There are many smart decorating ideas for tiny bathrooms, some as simple as choosing the right color palette and painting the entire room, while others will be more challenging, including new flooring installation. With the right choices you can gradually turn your tiny bathroom into a reflection of elegance, regardless of the style you opt for. Join me discussing decorating ideas that will help you make the most out of the space.


Choose a light color palette. Pastels, neutrals, naturals and whites will do the trick. If you find calm colors boring, you can always add a few bold accents (burgundy and navy are all the rage these days). For instance, you may install light flooring, and liven it up with burgundy towels or deep green soap holders. You may want to look through different combinations of colors in interior design, specifically bathrooms on HoustonFlooringCenter.

Decorators recommend using translucent curtains, since they allow light to go through them and thus make the room seem larger. A fabric curtain is also a good choice – it gives a more luxurious look and brings warm depth to the room.


You’ll be surprised at how shelves and cabinets can improve the look of your bathroom. Shelves, baskets and tiny boxes help fight with clutter. Purchase small glass or acrylic containers, boxes and pails and use them to store such disparate items as cotton buds, bobby pins and medicines. Consider purchasing an ‘over-the-toilet’ shelf to store toilet paper, soap, toothpaste and other essentials. All of these things are rather inexpensive, but will make a great difference in how your bathroom looks. Display towels rolled and tucked into a small basket.


Large mirrors not only make a room seem larger, but also add a lot of light. In addition to the main mirror, consider hanging two more smaller mirrors. You may also want to install track or recessed lighting. Because one of the recent trends in interior design is rustic/country style, consider purchasing a vintage, framed mirror. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive – there are many webstores selling old/antique furniture at reasonable prices.

Less Means More

Of course, you’d like to accessorize your small bathroom. My advice is to keep accessories to a minimum: no purposeless items, no knickknacks, just practical utensils. For example, you can purchase a large basket instead of a hamper. Choose a basket with a lid to keep soiled towels out of sight. Baskets have an amazing look, save space and are very practical. Soap dishes, toothbrush holders, various containers are also very practical and can create a unified look without cluttering the bathroom. Paint a mural or create a mosaic – these will add interest and liven up the room. Feel free to share your ideas in comments!toil

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