Top Five Event Ideas

Anything is possible when it comes to planning a themed event. There are so many different options out there; all it takes is a bit of imagination!


Whether you’re hosting an awards night, or simply organising a team-building event, the sky is the limit. I’ve listed my top five themes below; feel free to incorporate them into your next event!


Black Tie:

Let’s face it, everyone loves to dress up! There is something romantic about black tie which I find very appealing. Black tie dress code stems back to the 19th century, worn at formal evening events. To live up to this dress code, men should wear black dress pants and shoes, a white shirt, black bow tie and a black jacket. Simple, yet elegant.


While women’s attire can vary, it is usually expected that they wear a full-length formal gown (knee-length is often seen as appropriate these days as well). Now remember, you want to look elegant, not like you’ve just fallen into an endless pit of jewellery and make-up. Keep the hair and make-up simple, and of course, wear some tasteful jewellery to complete your look.


Corporate events such as gala dinners or awards nights can benefit from a dress code such as this. Looking stylish and sophisticated makes anyone feel good! And when you feel good, you exude confidence, which can be very handy when trying to create new business leads.


At The Movies:

We all have our favourite movie characters that bring a sense of nostalgia to the surface. This is an ideal theme for milestone birthday parties and corporate Christmas parties.


Dressing up is fun. It stimulates creativity and imagination, which can be quite convenient in a work setting. Just think of all the ideas that could come to fruition while dressed as Indiana Jones, chatting to your boss over a gin and tonic!


Of course you can opt for an event hire company to keep costs down; there are many audio and visual companies that will be able to provide your event with the ‘lights, camera, action’ to complete the scene!


This theme is always a winner. Cocktail style events allow people to mingle, as it is not a sit-down event. If your budget allows, I’d recommend some corporate comedy to kick off proceedings, it will give people something to talk about. A lot of the time when people have allocated seats, they will stay put and only associate with the others on their tables. But a cocktail party allows you to work the room, making new acquaintances and potentially new business connections. So dig up that party dress and enjoy!



Whether it’s the flappers and gangsters of the roaring 20’s, the hippies of the groovy 60’s or the perms of the (tragic) 80’s, a decade themed party is always a good night! You could stick to one theme, or you could change it up to get people talking! They could come dressed in the attire from the decade they were born (in which case, 20’s would probably be out!) or simply choose one. Either way, a fun night will be had by all.


Camping Out:
While spending a night in nature is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, it is a great way to build morale amongst corporate teams. Simple things like setting up your tents and collecting firewood calls for team work, so you’re already seeing the benefits of this little adventure!

Cooking over the fire and sitting around together eating your dinner strikes up conversation, and if you cast your phones and laptops aside, this could very well go long into the night. Whether it be work-related brainstorming, or general chit-chat, it really doesn’t matter. The simple pleasure of face to face conversation – fully engaging with someone – is a great thing, and sadly becoming less common as technology advances.

For those hotel types, you could change things up by bringing a caravan instead of a tent, or even stay somewhere with cabins. However, the idea is to lose the built-up city feeling, so try to get back to basics as much as possible.

Hopefully when your nature excursion is wrapped up, you will see a stronger team within the workplace!


That’s it, my top five. Of course, there are many other themes out there! Just think of what sort of theme would benefit the type of event you are hosting and you’ll be fine. Happy planning!


Article by Danielle Henderson.



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