Things To Consider When Choosing A Building Site or Location

A growing business can mean one thing: it is time to move to a bigger location or to open a second location to cater the needs and demands of your customers. Choosing the right location is just as important as choosing what products to sell to make your business successful. Much thought is given to choosing the right location for a business, as it can literally make or break a business.

In the construction sense, there are also things to consider when choosing your building site. Both considerations must be given much thought and planning. Factors that pertain to construction will affect your construction costs, while business considerations will affect the performance of your business operation.

If you need to move to a new site or open another location, here are some things that you will need to consider.

  • Style of Business Operation

In choosing your location, you must identify your operation style. Is it casual, or does it lean to the more formal and elegant style? Your choice of location must be consistent with your style of business operation. The surrounding area must match your brand image. If you are operating a restaurant, does it cater to formal and fine dining or the more casual fast food style?

  • Foot Traffic of the Location

Foot traffic is an important thing for many businesses. You do not want to be located in a corner where hardly any potential customers pass by. However, this is not true for all businesses. If your business caters to confidentiality, then you would want a location that has low traffic.

  • Business and Construction Accessibility

You must also consider the accessibility of the location to your potential and target customers. Accessibility to parking areas must be checked. Is it easy for cars coming from the street to get into the parking area?

Not only should you consider accessibility to your potential customers, your building site must also be accessible to construction vehicles during construction stage. Choose a site where it is easy to transport materials and utilities. Some locations may require more expense on your end to be more accessible to the construction team.

  • Topography and Soil Quality of the Site

The quality and physical characteristics of the soil must be checked for potential building sites, as the grade of the soil will affect excavation, load bearing capacity, and the foundation type that will be used for your building. You must also check the topography of the land to see if there are any areas for the land that are unsuitable for any construction. You can get all these information from a commercial site survey, which a commercial builder can do for you.

Remember that the success of your construction project will depend not just on the quality of your construction materials, but mostly on the people that you hire in your construction team. Hire a trusted professional commercial builder with an excellent track record to ensure the integrity of your building.

Written by Hubert Builders, a full service commercial construction company in Columbia, MO.