4 Ways to Protect Your Kids if You Have a Shower Enclosure

The good thing about shower enclosures is that they are for everyone. Even if you have kids at home, they will enjoy using a shower enclosure. The problem though is that they might be too young to use the enclosure by themselves and might suffer from accidents and injuries. Here are some of the best ways to protect your kids if they really want to use the shower enclosure.

  1. Don’t leave them alone. If they are really young, you can spend time with them inside the enclosure and shower together. If they start feeling awkward when you do it together, the best option is to just be there inside the bathroom. You don’t want to take the risk of seeing your kids slip or getting locked inside the enclosure. You really need to supervise them so they remain safe. If you are not home, lock the enclosure so they can’t use it on their own.
  2. Place a rug outside the enclosure. The enclosure floor will be very slippery because of the soap and shampoo residue. The best way to protect your kids the moment they step out is to put a rug right in front of the enclosure door. This is to keep them totally protected from slipping on the floor and hitting their head.
  3. Adjust the temperature for them before use. They might not be familiar with how to use the shower. They might only know how to turn it on and off. The best way to help them avoid temperature issues is to have the temperature adjusted ahead of time. Make sure that they are fine with it. Tell them not to touch the thermostat control. They don’t want to get burned because the water is too hot.
  4. Make sure their towel is ready. The moment they step out of the shower enclosure, they need a towel right away to prevent them from feeling cold. Some shower enclosures have a towel holder inside. However, due to the small space, the towel might get wet. You can place it next to the door so they can easily reach for it.

Having a shower enclosure at home will definitely make your kids happy. You just need to supervise them every step of the way to avoid problems. You want them to have fun but not suffer from injuries. It is also important that you have the enclosure checked for repair issues. You want to maintain the quality of the shower. These repair problems might be simple at first but they can be disastrous if not acted upon quickly. At the first sight of a problem, you should go ahead and find someone to fix it.