Stratfor Global Intelligence – Helping Your Business Survive In A Volatile World

In today’s unstable global environment, it is necessary to have an organization that can make an accurate and unbiased critical analysis of an international issue that affects the world. Such an organization should not resort to mere speculation when it comes to making critical analysis or assessment. However, the organization must come to its conclusions based on the meticulous and rigorous study of the underlining forces contributing to the situation. This will include the study of its geography, demography, history and the culture of the region. It is also necessary to analyze and assess the reaction of world leaders and other prominent international players to the situation. This is necessary for corporate enterprises, individuals and organizations to chalk out contingency plans and strategies in response to the situation or issue.

In the United States, one prominent geo-political organization provides its clients with such in-depth analysis and assessment of contentious world issues and situations. Since its inception in 1996, Stratfor Global Intelligence has been providing its esteemed clients with critical assessment reports on contentious global issues. These reports and analysis point out how such issues affect their interests and steps to be taken in their response. As stated earlier, the forecasting of any volatile global situation has to be conducted by meticulous and careful study rather than speculation.

This requires courage, discipline, patience and a deep understanding of the world. This geo-political organization makes an earnest effort to present an accurate, authentic, unbiased and critical assessment of current global situations for its clients. This type of authentic forecasting and analysis of contentious global situations is essential to help their clients formulate strategies regarding their investments in such regions. The organization’s biggest asset is its ability to forecast in an unbiased manner the outcome or fallout of a global situation and the response of world leaders. This is what makes the company stand apart in the crowd.

The experts at Stratfor Global Intelligence continuously examine and observe global events and their outcomes rather than make yearly forecasts. The analytical specialists in this geo-political organization are graded on a public scale on the accuracy of their yearly predictions of global events. When it comes to analyzing and predicting major global situation and events, Stratfor Global intelligence has an impressive record. The economic crisis in Southeast Asia and the Philippines in 1990 to 1995, Europe in 2000, the threat of global terrorism and other security issues are some of its successful predictions.

The experts at Stratfor Global Intelligence examine, disseminate, analyze and assess the geopolitical factors of a global event or situation and its affect on nations. These experts also carefully study forces that influence world leaders and their response to the event. This is useful when it comes to predicting their actions and behavior accurately. Moreover, the analysis that the experts at this geopolitical organization make may seem different from what the circumstances appear. While the media focuses its attention the subjective desires of world leaders, the professional analysts at Stratfor Global Intelligence look at the bigger picture. They examine and analyze the forces that influence their behavior. This helps their clients make decisions that are more prudent on their investments in such areas.

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