Iguazu Falls Named As One Of The World’s New 7 Wonders Of Nature

What to do and what to see in this Amazing Destination:

 Few experiences compare to admire the magnificent scenery of Iguazu Falls, the mightiest waterfalls in the world, formed by the convergence between the Parana and Iguazu rivers. Declared a World Heritage Site and considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Iguazu impact the most seasoned captivate tourists and intrepid spirits.

 Although geographically located within the limit between Argentina and Brazil, 80% of the falls on the Argentine side in the Iguazu National Park, Misiones province. Tourism services are located in the city of Puerto Iguazu, about 17 miles from Iguazu. Biodiversity of missionary jungle is a show for lovers of ecotourism. In this article you can learn what to see in Iguazu Falls, a true natural paradise in northeastern Argentina.

Tourist Places in Iguazu Falls

 Iguazu National Park: With waterfalls as big star, this nature reserve and protected area extends over 67 hectares where thousands of specimens of fauna and flora preserved jungle. There are two circuits to see the Falls: Lower Circuit, from the base, or the Upper Circuit, from above. You can access circuits from the Visitor Center, a walk through the Green Trail or by the classic Ecological Jungle Train.

 Garganta del Diablo is the highest waterfall of the 275 that make up the Falls, located right on the border between the province of Misiones and Brazil’s State of Parana. The magnitudes marvel for themselves: the set of waterfalls is 80 meters high and has the largest flow of water around the planet. It is accessed via gateways departing from Puerto Canoas and lead to breathtaking viewpoints very close to the waterfall.

 Puerto Iguazu: Just 15 minutes from the National Park Iguazú, Misiones this city is the main setting point of the tourists who come to know the waterfalls. A handful of hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment proposals make Puerto Iguazú an attractive destination in itself with plenty to go.

 Landmark of the Three Frontiers: The meeting of the Iguazú and Paraná rivers define the natural boundary between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. In the tri-border area, each country has an obelisk with three flags, celebrating the union between the three countries. The Landmark Park in Argentina is located near the center of Puerto Iguazu and is one of the main tourist sites of Iguassu Falls. It has a picturesque walk indigenous craft and viewpoints with beautiful views of the river marking the tripartite border.

Sites to see in Iguazu Falls

 Both Iguazú National Park as the city of Puerto Iguazú has several interesting tourist sites, to connect with the unique nature of the place. Here are some of the best sites to see in Iguazu Falls:

 Isla San Martin: Among the largest waterfalls Iguassu National Park Isla San Martin, one of the most attractive walks the Lower Circuit is located. Accessible by boat, the island is an invaluable ecological reserve with sandy beaches and small jumps inside, and offers amazing views of the Garganta del Diablo and San Martín jump, second in size.

  Macuco Trail: One of the most attractive ecological tours of Iguazu Falls, where tourists can be inserted into the wild jungle discovering its native trees and animals. The bird that names the path is the main species of partridges in South America. Its distinctive whistle can be heard throughout the trip, 7000 meters in total.

 Orchid Indian Solitaire: Fascinating specializing in orchids, both native and exotic nursery. There are over 40 varieties grown by the owner of the place, a descendant of the Guiana Indians. The Orchid is in the city of Puerto Iguazú, Jangadero 719.

 Botanical Park Ibirá Retá: Didactic proposal to enjoy ecotourism while learning more about the nature of missionary jungle. “The land of the trees” (translation of “Ibirá Retá” in Spanish) extends lagro 1.5 acres where various species of native flora are appreciated, as well as interesting aquatic ecosystems with fish of the region. The park is 15 minutes from the Falls, at mile 4.5 of Route 12.

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