How Social Media Can Groom Your Online Presence In Dubai

With increasing users of internet in UAE, social media there has become a powerful marketing tool to reach potential customers. Today, every business has a web presence with its smartly designed website that needs to be advertised across all social networking sites. Owing to the great interaction and strengthening bonding with customers, social media Dubai has evolved as a most coveted platform to catch and retain customers in UAE.

Need for Marketing to Participate in Expo 2020

Since the winning of Expo 2020, a flux of companies is coming to Dubai under its theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. These companies believe in sub theme of Expo 2020: Mobility, Sustainability & Opportunity.

To create opportunity they need to make their presence louder at internet. For that, it has become a prerequisite to get a social media page where a company can advertise or market its ideas, products or services. Without presence at social media, none of the companies or business can achieve their marketing objectives to participate in Expo 2020.

How Social Media can ensure better Marketing?

A huge flock of people keeps connected with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tublr, Google+ and many more. What interests them most is what they share, comment or like on these social media sites to show their interaction.

Social media helps to groom online presence of a business in Dubai due to the fact what people share on social networks. According to the latest stats, 43 % of social media visitors share pictures and images they like. 26% write their opinions, update their status and link the posts.

Most popular activities on top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google + include sharing photos, updating status, posting comments and watching videos.
This rising demand of social media has made it a place for best marketing, hence, a better business growth.

Top Social Media Marketing Tools that can groom your Business

You can market your products and services at a number of social media platforms with respect to your targeting audience. These leading social networking sites below offer promising success of your business.

1. How Facebook helps to groom your Business:

Social networking giant Facebook, is the top marketing tool to get connected with customers directly. Companies can opt this social media by working on B2C model for sharing product or services portfolio. Facebook helps to groom a business by:

•    Sharing information about your business
•    Communicating with your customers
•    Offering customer support
•    Adding offers and different deals of your business

It results in high traffic to your website that means more customers and more revenue generation.

2. How Twitter helps to groom your Business:

Twitter updates about your company products and services, what your company is doing, what events your company attends, news updates and tweets about special offers increase followers to your social media page. It creates brand awareness and helps image building so that customers can trust you more. Some of the benefits of twitter marketing include:

•    It offers market research
•    It engages customers to talk about your business
•    It helps in positive branding
•    It shows your brand’s personality

3. How Instagram helps to groom your Business:

Instagram is good for image sharing. Here you can share your complete projects or work portfolio that  the people in your circle can see and send you feedback. It has reached to 150 million users in three years that determines its business benefits.

•    It is a fastest way of visual marketing
•    Brings great visibility to products
•    Offers high level of user engagement
•    It is a fun tool to catch visitors

4. How Google+ helps to groom your Business:

It is also one of the best social media site to groom a business. The posts at Google+ are automatically ranked by google search engine that brings more traffic to a site. It offers photo sharing, videos, blogs and article sharing for readers. Some of the benefits of google+ marketing include:

•    Increased Google search visibility
•    Influence on search ranking
•    Helping for search engine optimization
•    Driving traffic to the content authored by you

The increasing benefits of social media sites for business help to attain business goals and grooming your online presence. As of many companies coming to Dubai for Expo 2020, the social media marketing Dubai provides best results to get connected with customers and to increase web traffic.

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