How to make your big day super special?

Happy bride and groom on their wedding. Wedding couple bride and groom holding hands. Wedding bouquet closeup.

Marriage is the day that every girl dreams of ever since she is small. Weddings have a magical air to them with a princess-like feel. The new clothes, the beautiful shoes and jewellery, the giggles and tears of joy with friends and family are all priceless.

For the person who is organising the wedding it takes a lot of effort to make the day perfect. As a guest you may not realise it but the bride and groom and their family are on their toes for a long time before the actual wedding day.

With the new age wedding being far from conventional, everything is more personalised. The couple decide everything from the theme to the décor to the dresses. Small details like the photographer for the wedding are well thought of keeping in mind if the man behind the camera lens will understand their need.

Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue:

Being a bride is not easy as the girl who is getting married wants everything to be at a relaxed pace, yet perfect. There is so much to look into, from the parlour for the makeup to the boutique for the wedding dress. Be it the perfect fit of shoes to the most gorgeous jewellery, being a bride can put a lot of pressure on you. You can deal with everything easily if you start planning well in advance and have a good team in your family and friends to help you calm your nerves when you get hyper.

A lot of times the bride and groom and their families get carried away by trying to get everything right. In that case they miss out on enjoying the wedding which becomes a tedious task in itself.

Things to keep in mind while getting ready for your big day:

  • Comfortable lodging for the guests
  • A menu that everyone enjoys
  • Good music that makes people dance
  • Sending out invites to guests well in time

When you are involved in the wedding preparation it gives a personalised feel to the entire event. Making your own invites, choosing the bridesmaids dresses and the dress for the best man are some things you can take a personal interest in.

Everything that you look into yourself and don’t engage the services of professionals, you will cut costs significantly. The special touch that your wedding will get with your individual attention will give it that edge over all other typical weddings.

The most essential thing about arranging a wedding is that one must make a budget. If you allot a specific amount for each ceremony, it makes it much easier to plan out things. Here is the list of site which accept only high quality guest post. Read their submission guideline carefully before shooting them an email.

It’s your special day with your near and dear ones what better can it be than your having your dream wedding. With the flowers, food and the music of your choice and a photographer who understands you, there is no way you can go wrong.

Feeling inspired to add a special touch to your wedding but don’t know how to go about it? Don’t worry, check out this link for further details and to get a better idea on how to personalise your wedding

Matches are made in heaven and it for us on earth to make to make the wedding ceremony nothing less than a fairytale. So plan in time and brainstorm with your spouse to be, the intricate details of your special day. A hurried job is always stress causing and a lot of people go home complaining. It always better to plan well and be organised so you can also enjoy your wedding.