How To Host The Ultimate Dinner Party

The holiday season has long since come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that the good times and celebrations need to come to a halt until next year. Feeling a lull in your social life lately? Step up the fun for yourself and the people around you, by hosting an ultimate dinner party! Don’t worry if it’s your first time planning such an event—we’ve got you covered.

1. Decide on a Theme

Although a theme certainly isn’t necessary for a successful dinner party, it can help take your event to the next level. It can also make the whole planning process a bit simpler by providing some creative inspiration for everything from the invitations to the dress code and even the menu!

2. Send out Invitations

The last thing you want to do is leave your guest list and invitations until the last minute. Decide who you’d like to come, then let them know and get an RSVP list as soon as possible so that you know how much food, seating, and beverages you’ll need to provide! The easiest way is simply sending out an e-mail or create a Facebook event, but if you want to really show off your hosting skills, send out invitations in the mail.

3. Choose your Cocktails

Every good dinner party should have at least one signature cocktail—or two. Offer your guests something light and refreshing with a hint of lime and mint to cleanse your guests’ palettes before serving dinner. Or, mix up something creamy, sweet, and decadent to complement the dessert of the evening. Want to host a “dry” event? No worries, a well-made mocktail with the right ingredients can be just as good or even better than the alcohol infused version. Cheers!

4. Pick your Menu

Even if cooking isn’t your forte, there are tonnes of awesome easy and delicious menu ideas out there on the web that will have your guests asking where you went to cooking school! Once you decide on the menu, be sure to pick up all the groceries and supplies you’ll need a day or two beforehand. You don’t want to be scrambling on the afternoon of, only to find out that a crucial ingredient is sold out all over town! Don’t forget to double check whether or not your guests have any dietary restrictions beforehand.

Also, it’s a good idea to do a bit of prep work and event planning beforehand if you can. That way you won’t be running in and out of the kitchen the whole night and can actually enjoy the company of your guests.

5. Set the Atmosphere

Last but not least, aside from the food—one of the most important parts of any successful dinner party is the atmosphere. If you’ve decided to host a themed event, than choose your décor accordingly. If not, elements like candles, cloth napkins, a beautiful flower arrangement or centerpiece, a fun tablecloth, and a carefully planned party playlist can truly help to take your dinner party to the next level!

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