How To Lower Your Energy Bills

During hot summer months your energy bills may skyrocket. Cold winter months can place heavy stress on your furnace and wallet. Saving money on energy bills while keeping your home comfortable isn’t a problem if you know what tips to follow.

Honestly assess wasteful practices. If you can walk around your home during the dead of winter in shorts and a T shirt lower your thermostat to a reasonable temperature. You should be wearing sweat pants and sleeping under heavy blankets during hot, humid winter months. Lose the cool weather garb and crank the dial up on your thermostat.

Reduce your unit’s workload. Save money. Follow these tips.

Maintenance and Repair

Don’t fall into the trap of nickel and diming your HVAC system. You could end up paying dearly in the long run. Get yearly tune ups. Take care of your HVAC so your unit takes care of you. You can see significant savings for no more than $100. Make the investment once during each heating and cooling season to see the greatest returns. Contact local HVAC companies to shop around for technicians.

Seal Windows and Doors

Door and window leaks cost you a small fortune during winter and summer months. Cold air creeps in during cold months and hot, humid air makes its way in during hot months, placing a greater burden on your HVAC unit. A small investment in sealant and a few minutes worth of work makes a huge different. During your next cold or hot spell go from door to door around your home. Test for leaks. Ditto with windows. Patiently test for a contrasting blast of air which should be noticeable if your air conditioning or heating works just fine. Seal leaks to save money on your energy bills.

Adjust the Thermostat to a Comfortable Temperature

Jacking up the indoor temperature during cold months and dropping the indoor temperature sharply during warm months is an inefficient, ineffective way to regulate your home’s climate. This strategy also boosts your energy bills. Find a comfortable indoor temperature during waking and sleeping hours. Set your thermostat at this temperature to maintain a pleasant environment and to lower your energy bills.

Tighten Up the Hatches

Closing your chimney saves you serious scratch. Heated air escapes through the chimney during cold winter months. Stop paying through the nose to watch your furnace work so hard to heat the outside environment. Close your damper tightly to cash in. Or to save cash on your energy bills. This method is free and easy to do. So do it and lower your energy bills during winter and fall months.

Speak to the Pros

Heating and air conditioning experts can clue you in on energy efficiency tips. Call or chat with a representative online to see what options are available for you. Doing online research and asking neighbors for tips only takes you so far. Leverage your knowledge by speaking to experienced professionals. Your savings in the long run will be well worth the chat.