Tips To Make Sure Your Furnace Is Ready For Winter

Winters can be brutal, especially if you lack the proper gear to get you through the season. The furnace is your best friend at this time of the year, and if yours fails for even one day, you can be sure to face the wrath of the biting winter weather.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are well prepared for winter is by checking on your furnace. Regular TLC will save you a whole lot of money when the time for its full utilization comes. Here is a list of the checks you could do:

  • Inspect Your Furnace

I know that in the summer you hardly feel the need to check on your furnace. That is just about right because it is not necessary at that time. However, it is prudent to check on it regularly to ensure that you do not get into any unprecedented surprises. Get a heating professional to come in and look into it once every year, preferably before winter.

  • Have the Filter Changed

The filter bears the brunt of everything that makes its way into the furnace. It holds the dust and other particles that may get through without your knowledge. As per normal, you should change the filter every three months, depending on the season. If it were in perfect condition, then you would not have to worry your furnace malfunctioning in the middle of ice-cold weather.

  • Check the Chimney

The chimney ensures that the heat gets out as expected, so its proper function will directly affect the furnace’s performance. Have it checked regularly for debris, nests built by birds, and soot. If there is an enormous buildup of soot, you may want to have a professional look into it and scrape it off.

  • Tend to the Burners and Blower

The burners are in a state of neglect during summer. You may need to check them for misalignment and rust before winter checks in. Clean them to get rid of anything that could cause it to work poorly. As for the blowers, you should oil it to ensure that it moves as expected. Besides, the blower should not make any noises. If it does, it only goes to tell you that it is not working in its proper order. Getting a professional to oil your blower once every year should get it in perfect working condition in time for winter.

  • Have You Checked the Thermostat?

If your thermostat is not working as it should, then you could be in trouble. If your thermostat is manually operated, you may want to update it not only to be with the times, but also to be able to observe how it works. Turn it on and see how it responds. Naturally, it should go on immediately. If it takes its time to respond, you may want to have an expert look at it. While at it, they could give you some advice on having an automatic set where the thermostat turns down when it detects a lack of activity in the house. It could save you a huge chunk of your power bills.

  • Unblock the Vents

Blocked ventilation means that the heat in your house is not let out as efficiently as it should. Ensure that any blockage is removed to prevent the furnace from overheating. An overheated furnace is hazardous for your household.

A regular check-up conducted by a heating professional could save you a lot of money in the future. Ensure to have them come in at least once every year for the overall check and quarterly for filters if you want to enjoy a freeze-free winter.

Written by the staff of Controlled Aire Heating and Cooling in Moberly, MO.