Eric Ulysses Miller – An Inspiration For Many

Death is unexpected. It cannot be predicted when one will die. The best way is to live life to the fullest and not think about death. One such inspiration is Eric Ulysses Miller who fought with his medical condition for more than a year but his spirit to live never died. He is a great inspiration for people who are struggling with death for a life and in the process are feeling depressed and sad. However, we must encourage all patients and let them not lose hope.

Eric Ulysses Miller hails from Phoenix and was born on September 13th in the year 1962 in Corpus Christi, Texas. After battling with a medical condition for a year he succumbed to death on August 14 in the year 2010 at John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital. He lived for 47 years which is too early an age for a person to die. He moved to Flagstaff, Arizona in the year 1970 with his family and completed his schooling from the South Beaver Elementary, East Flagstaff Jr. High. He also completed his graduation from Coconino High School in the year 1981. He had a big and loving family which consisted of his mother Nolan Phyllis Lawson, his step father Harold Lee Miller, Sr. who are still alive.

He had 4 brothers and 4 sisters. His brother Kevin Lewis Miller Sr. hails from Tuscon, Arizona while his three brothers Phillip Nolan Miller, Harold Lee Miller Jr., Carleton Dwight Miller belong to Phoenix, Arizona. Among his sisters, two of them named Myrtle Beatrice McCalvin and Brenda Joyce Clay hails from Corpus Christi, Texas, while the other two named Iva Cruchette Miller and Ina Cruchette Miller is from Tucson, Arizona. He was surrounded by a bunch of friends and relatives too who love him dearly. His 6 nieces and 13 nephews also adored him. They are extremely sad and grieved by this tremendous loss. What was best about him was that while he struggled with his life he performed at the church whole heartedly which gave him immense pleasure.

His spirit never subdued. His grandfather Nolan Phillip Bailey died before him along with his grandmothers Prim Rose Mitchell and Tansy Mae Bailey. His great aunt Ann Claudette Stewart and his own aunt Mary Ellen Cuencas also died before him. Nevertheless, a person like him is a true inspiration for people who are battling with their lives. Eric Ulysses Miller proved that no matter how short a time you have, you should live life to the fullest till the end. His family and friends organized a funeral for him at the Best Funeral Services on 21st August in the year 2010. You want to pay tribute to Eric Ulysses Miller then you can do so by visiting the website You can contribute flowers or light a candle by visiting this website. If you want you can even donate a card in the memory of Eric Ulysses Miller and pray for his soul so that it can rest in peace.

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