Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning FAQ – The Basics Covered

As all responsible restaurant owners will know, to overlook consistently excellent hygiene practices is to run the risk of seeing all you’ve worked for fall to pieces at any given time. There’s really no other industrial area where meticulous hygiene counts for so much, as it’s not simply a case of providing safe and enjoyable food for guests, but also a wholly safe and hygienic environment in general. Of course, there will always be certain areas of health and hygiene maintenance that are more obvious than others, just as some have a tendency to be overlooked.

According to the experts at, professional duct cleaning tends to be one of those things a great many businesses don’t look into until they’re faced with a somewhat dire problem. This is of course far from the best way of going about any essential kitchen maintenance, though in most cases stems from a general unawareness of its importance rather than outright ignorance.

So in order to clarify a few of the basics, here’s a quick overview of a selection of the most frequently asked questions on the subject of professional kitchen duct cleaning:

What is Duct Cleaning?

As for what exactly the process entails, a professional service will carry out a full inspection of the current extraction systems within the kitchen in order to ascertain the current condition and the best way of going about the cleanliness. After this, the whole system, including the interior of the pipes and in many cases the filters themselves will be hygienically cleaned to have them good as new for use once again.

Why Is Duct Maintenance Important?

While it’s easy to overlook the importance of clean ducts, there’s really very little more importance to a professional kitchen and any working environment. The reason being that it is these ducts and systems that are primarily responsible for ensuring that the air within the building is clean, safe and free from anything that could pose a health risk. Unclean or hazardous air is taken out of the building and replaced with clean air – should the system not be able to do its job properly, the unclean air inside the building may be trapped. It is only with a fully operational filtration and extraction system that clean air can be maintained within the building.

Why Do They Need to Be Cleaned?

As the extraction system does its job, it’s inevitable that a certain amount of grease, grime and general nastiness will accumulate on the insides of the ducts themselves. This cannot be seen without inspection of course, but nonetheless could be pumping all manner of unpleasantness into the air for all to breathe. From mould spores to bacteria to germs and so on, these are the kinds of invisible dangers that can pose a real hazard to health. The only way of ensuring this doesn’t happen is to have the ducts professionally inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.

How Long Does the Job Take?

It’s impossible to answer this question without knowing the size and scale of the operation – some cleaning jobs take an hour or two, while others may take a full half day or so. In any and all cases, however, there’s no need to worry about disruption as the very best services in the business will come to your place of work and carry out the cleaning process outside opening hours. With 24/7 availability, you can choose the ideal time to suit your business and ideally forego any costly downtime.

How Do I Choose the Best Cleaning Service?

With just a few boxes to tick in mind, it’s perfectly simple to find a brilliantly-capable cleaning service that will ensure your restaurant is brought up to the highest standards. First of all you should look to cooperate with an experienced and established business with a strong track record. You should also be looking for a service that guarantees all cleaning jobs are carried out in compliance with regulatory standards, ensuring that your business remains in line with the law. What’s more, guarantees of the best possible prices should be sought in conjunction with solid feedback from past and present clients. And as mentioned above, it’s best to find a service that works around your schedule and your working hours – not the other way around.

How Often Should I Arrange Professional Duct Cleaning?

Again, this all depends on the size and scale of your business along with the quality of your extraction systems and how busy you are on a day to day basis. As such, the best advice is to make the call and request an obligation-free quotation.