How To Choose An Appropriate VoIP Business Phone System?

A range of VoIP telephony systems are available in the market that provides sole business owner, small offices and large organizations the best communication features. However, before you jump to gain the benefits, there are the kind of options that suits your business needs.

Basic necessity of a phone is to send and receive calls, which are provided by all the VoIP phone systems. However, phone technology needs consideration, and for this, you will need to think about your location, budget, and number of employees. In addition, how the system will be used and future growth plans along with the kind of services available around your district.

Phone Technology Options

Key KSU-less system – Small businesses with 10 or few employees find this system ideal. It provides advanced features like conference call and call transferring options. Multiple extensions come along with KSU (central control box). These systems are reasonably priced but it is difficult to get necessary support.

KSU systems – SMBs with 5 to 75 employees find KSUs great. It is more expensive than KSU-less system, because installation and maintenance costs are included. Major telecom vendors usually support KSUs, and business growth provides flexibility to expand.

PBX system – Large businesses employing more than 75 workers utilize PBX system. More advanced features are supplied, but with high upfront setup and installation cost. It fulfils a variety of complex business communication needs. Thus, businesses can save money using the advanced features, in due course.

VoIP system – VoIP allows businesses to use internet for making international or domestic calls. It is very convenient in regards to connectivity. Generally, choosing hosted VoIP plan helps to tackle any technical issues that can possibly arise.

Hosted VoIP systems need you to pay monthly fee for employing their support and equipment, but it is worthwhile. However, if you are capable to hire an IT staff, then you can deploy and maintain VoIP system yourself.

Which Voice Services will be needed – VoIP or PSTN?

It is vital to consider who will be looking after the communication service. In case, you decide to use VoIP, then make sure your hosted provider is fine with your existing phone system. If you decide to use both PSTN service and VoIP, then let the telecom vendor know about this. It will allow them to offer you the best solution.

Cost of VoIP System

If you decide to setup VoIP system because it can save money, then you will also have to assess the total expense of owning it. Purchasing randomly by looking at the price is a foolish thing. Cisco IP phone is equipped with expandable system that tends to be expensive upfront, but as your business grows, it allows you to add more users to the existing system. In addition, you can easily upgrade the system every time new features get released. Thus in due course more investment turns to be worthwhile.

Remember to make a list of everything you need in the new VoIP system, along with those you would be interested in having. In addition, ask your employees what they prefer and add it to the list. This will let you support employee needs and benefit more from a particular system.

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