Hollywood’s Most Promising Actress Allie Is Discovered

Among the best films ever released in Hollywood another pearl has been added in the form of The Bracelet of Bordeaux, a film by Casey Kelly. With a short span of its release the film has become one of the most viewed films ever made. Director Kelly should receive a special round of applause for the making of such a spectacular film. But especially for the discovery of debutant teen actress Allie Fremin who has added a fresh approach to the film. Her acting capabilities have been received very well by the film industry. As a newcomer from a non-film background she has done an extremely good job in the movie.

Allie plays the role of a dashing teenager in the film and has received much encouragement from fellow colleagues and industry insiders for her acting skills. If you have not been able to watch it till now watch out for its release at theatres near you. Just witness this great family movie and assess for yourself if the reviews have been rave for nothing. Book your tickets early and enjoy the excellent dialogue delivery and acting of Allie Fremin and witness a great actress in the making. If you thought the home theatre will be sufficient then maybe you will regret the decision later on. Making the box offices ring with only the first film is not easy but Fremin has done just that confidently.

Most of this nail-biting thriller has been shot in TX’s woodland areas. The plot revolves around two teenagers who find out about a conspiracy and try to expose the crooks. A lot of thrill and suspense outlines the film’s plot. The story begins with the arrival of a new girl in town along with her parents. The girl, Helen Hixon while returning home hears the calls for help and sets out to find the person. She discovers Marie Mire tied and left inside a broken house. Helen was returning from a relative’s place when this happened.

After releasing Marie, Helen found out that some crooks had kidnapped Marie’s dog and were associated with a team of criminals. As the two girls set out to punish the crooks they are helped by a magic bracelet in their quest. If you are looking for a good suspense thriller then this is definitely the one. Since it’s a family picture you can safely take your children along and they can learn a lot about bravery, friendship, and determination.

Director Kelly has selected a superb cast for the film. He had handpicked the artists for the role and selected actors like Lucy Gabbard, Meryl Gibbs, Ansley Garner and Allie Fremin who plays the lead role. The star cast has been much appreciated by the film industry and movie fans. Movie lovers across the nation have accepted and appreciated the film wholeheartedly. This one film has turned Allie into a star overnight and given her a fresh avenue to explore her skills. It has helped establish to everyone that Allie Fremin is sure to become a great actress in the years to come.