Jaguar Cars In Pakistan – Review and Pictures

Jaguar is a British car maker and is part of Jaguar Land Rover Company that makes and sells Jaguar cars internationally. Tata Motors bought Jaguar car from Ford in 2008. Roots of Jaguar go back in past as far as 1922 when they used to make sidecars for motorcycles in their iterations. Later the name was changed to Jaguar when they started making cars after World War II. Jaguar XK120 achieved a legendary status soon after its launch. Jaguar has also won 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1951 and 1953. The company launched an E-Type Jag in 1961 that became one of the most iconic sports cars of all time. Jaguar name has always been linked to luxury and power in one package. Jaguar cars are famous for their quality work along with the superior engineering. Jaguar cars are famous for their name and status they hold in Pakistan as well.

Back in 2007, an automotive group started advertising as the sole importer and distributor of Jaguar cars in Pakistan. The Buksh Group started importing cars under the name of Premium Motors (Pvt) Ltd. Premium Motors was the sole distributor of Jaguar cars. But in 2012, a scandal appeared on the automotive website PakWheels regarding Premium Motors and Jaguar. Someone from England revealed that he had bought the cars from Premium Motors in October of 2010 that were still standing at the port and were not yet custom cleared. He claimed that he never got the cars the bought and lost GBP 105,000 in this transaction. He also posted proof of transaction and correspondence with the owner of Premium Motors. Those cars were sold in a customs auction by Pakistan government in 2010 since they were not claimed by anyone after their import. That person had also reported the matter to Jaguar UK and had filed a report with UK Police as well. It is rumored Premium Motors lost its Jaguar dealership privileges in Pakistan after that incident, which is unfortunate.

Although people still import Jaguar cars in Pakistan and use them. Cars by Jaguar cars price in Pakistan according to their model and custom. There are few very old and well maintained Jaguar cars by auto enthusiasts who have kept the cars in pristine conditions. They are usually part of the vintage car clubs around the Pakistan. These cars are kept so well even in Pakistan where it is very hard to find required parts for such iconic cars. These owners find the parts and try to keep the car in its original condition as much as possible. They hunt parts in the junk yards of Pakistan or even import them if they have to.

And those owners are not very keen when it comes to selling those cars. They treat them like their family member so parting with them is a big no for them. But those are not the only cars that are available to see. If you are looking to own your own Jaguar, you can visit an online car buying and selling portal like to find your desired Jaguar. Besides, there are various auto enthusiasts who import Jaguar cars but sell them relatively cheap in order to buy something new and different. If you are interested in Jaguar car price in Pakistan, you should visit online portals and visit local used car dealerships.