Hiring A Carpenter – 5 Steps To Success

One would assume that hiring a carpenter is a relatively easy process. And in a technical sense it is – the web is bursting with literally thousands of brands and businesses all covering the UK with their various home improvement services.  However, there’s a very big difference between randomly choosing the first name you come across and insisting upon only the finest carpenters Wisborough Green has to offer. Not only this, but as carpentry services tend to be the kinds of things called for very infrequently, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Of course the upside of such enormous competition is the way in which quality standards are continually improving and associated costs are plummeting all the time. Nevertheless, when sourcing for carpentry services on the web in particular, it is of crucial importance to be both proactive and thoughtful throughout the process.

So fresh from the minds of the UK’s leading experts, here’s a quick introduction to five simple yet effective tips for ensuring the carpenter you hire is the very best carpenter for the job:

1 – Consider Your Needs

First up, it’s important to acknowledge that while all carpenters work with wood, all carpenters most certainly do not have the same specialisms. Some will be masters in the creation of outdoor furniture, other prefer to work with structural wood and then there are those who manufacture bespoke window frames and doors. As such, rather than simply choosing any carpenter at random, it’s a good idea to first think about exactly what it is you need. Once you’ve established your requirements, you can set about finding a carpenter who specialises in the specific area required. You will of course always come across carpenters who claim to be proficient in absolutely every aspect of working with wood, but remember…jack of all trades, master of none.

2 – Experience and History

These days, surviving more than a few months in the face of such incredible competition is tricky to say the least. New carpentry businesses come and go pretty much on a daily basis, while only those of the most extraordinary quality and calibre go the distance. This is precisely why one of the most important checks to consider is that of exactly how long the provider you’re interested in has been in business. Some will have only just joined the industry, others will have been in the game for a good few years and then there are those that will soon enough be knocking on the door of their 100th year in business. While experience and history do not necessarily guarantee outstanding results alone, they breed the kind of expertise and dedication you should be looking for.

3 – Credentials

A quick check but an important check nonetheless, you might want to at least make sure that the carpenter you work with carries full liability insurance and is therefore legally entitled to be doing what they’re doing. Credential checks can also include looking into training and qualifications, though this is exactly the kind of industry where experience and reputation count for much more than simple paper certificates.

4 – Concrete Quotations

These days, any carpentry business that doesn’t offer concrete quotations is quite simply not working to a 21st century standard. There is simply no room or excuse for offering vague estimates the likes of which are subject to change at any time and without any valid reason. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of service providers across a wide variety of industries who operate in exactly such a manner.  As such, it’s important to not only ensure you work exclusively with those who offer concrete and guaranteed quotations, but exercise caution around any service providers who even attempt to offer vague and unconfirmed estimates.

5 – Feedback and Testimonials

Last but not least, these are exactly the kinds of industries where service providers attract new clients on the back of feedback and word of mouth. Reputation means everything, which is precisely why quality service providers will never shy away from requests for feedback, case studies, examples of work completed and so on.  Technically speaking, without this kind of evidence you have nothing to go on apart from the word of the service provider under consideration. And while you’d like to think that every carpentry service currently in business is 100% honest and transparent, this doesn’t always tend to be the case. Most are every bit above board, but it never hurts to be thorough with your own vetting process, just to be sure.