Tips from Most Striving Oil & Gas Company Owner

Brian Alfaro the founder of Alfaro Oil and gas Company is still focused on creating the biggest oil company in Texas. He is trying to achieve the target of positioning his company among America’s top 20 Oil and Natural Gas producers. Primera Energy which has a strong presence in both Eagle Ford Shale and Barnett Shale in Texas has promised to offer high returns against the investment of its partners along with the best oil produce quality.

Brian is a bachelor’s degree holder from Texas Tech University started the company way back in 2006. He has a Master’s degree in Communications. Primarily, he started the company with three objectives which are as follows:

  • To make use of the most updated equipment available which ensure worker safety to the toxic wastes that are produced in oil fields.
  • Introducing the best quality fracking procedures and drilling machines which can make the work happen faster and reduce ecological damage.
  • The third aim was to maintain the quality of the product and garner a good relationship with all the stakeholders, partners, and employees.

To this day Brian Alfaro has kept to his aim and naturally his company is flourishing at a great extent and he has been named as one of the best people in the field. Brian has always been sensitive to social issues and to this day participates in philanthropic activities and anything that can cause the betterment of his community. As a youngster, he joined San Antonio, TX and National MS Society and participate as an active member.

Brian Alfaro has a huge knowledge regarding product quality, oil and gas field, and maintaining a healthy business attitude. Naturally, he has got associated with a number of famous groups like Southern Bay Energy, Sun Coast Technical Services, Alpine Exploration Inc and many more. He has a huge expertise in areas like Oil fields, new fracking systems, offshore and onshore drilling, seismology, minerals, amalgamation and many more. Basing on his huge knowledge in the field Brian has introduced several methods of working in his company which are followed by his employees for safety and best results.

Brian Alfaro advocates the use of horizontal drilling techniques for Alfaro and Primera because these procedures help in placing the long pipes properly to avoid any damage. Using this method has made extracting the oil and natural gas a lot easier. There is hardly any chance of an environmental issue either. In fact the newest technology used in Primera is quite high-end and practically error free. Each production phase is controlled strictly so that the process runs smoothly and production is not hampered in any way. Each phase is controlled by the computers so that the functioning is smooth and error free. The company also focuses on driving rigs and fracking at different stages along with horizontal drilling.

Brian Alfaro is a good manager of his company and understands managerial tactics very well. He feels it important to analyze at each stage and gather knowledge so that that company can be run properly.