Furnish Your Rooms With Runner Rugs

The art of rug making flourished many centuries ago in the Middle East regions of the world. Demand for Persian carpets existed in the olden days and their popularity continued to improve in the contemporary period too. Later on these hand weaving art techniques were transported to European countries though traders. In the modern era, the rug culture is not only seen as an object of strong protection sheet over the floor or on the wall, it is regarded as a decoration piece. Earlier, carpets were only made from the animal fibers like sheep wool, goat hair and silk, which could be affordable for very rich and royal people. Later on, it made it into the houses of the middle income group or common people in the form of jute and sisal rugs. Jute and sisal fibers are actually derived from the plant grown in the hot and arid areas of the world. These rugs form an object of attraction in the living rooms of a home or in the lobby areas of the corporate houses or hotels.

Termed as runner rugs, these fiber sheets spread over the staircases or on the smooth tiles of the floor to prevent you from slipping or tumbling down. Available in various themes, patterns and colors, the runner rugs add meaning to your respective area. Designs on the runner rugs are specified for the rooms you use for various purposes.

Runner rugs used for outdoor purposes may have green patterns which may resemble grass or may have other objects of nature printed on it which include flora and fauna.

You can dress up your kitchen floor or wall with running rugs with the themes highlighting on various forms of delicacies or eatery items or cooking activity.

Any aesthetic theme created on the runner rugs will fit in your rest room area where you can relax your mind and body.

Whatever the location you choose to spread the Floorspace Runner rugs, you will find satisfaction with the ones having appropriate themes and colors matching the indoor or outdoor areas. Either you check the designs available in the gallery or you can visit the online store to view the designs woven from the imported plant fibers like sisal and jute which will suit your taste, your room space and your pocket too. To make the runner rugs user friendly, these coverings are available in customized form. Buying from such a reputed rugs store can let you benefit from several things:

  • It is the quality of the fiber which would be 100% pure and not mixed with artificial fibers like nylon or plastic.
  • You will get a cleaning and maintenance kit which would carry instructions to clear the accumulated dust and maintain it. You will come to know about the latest cleaning techniques using your vacuum cleaner or broom. Moreover these fiber rugs are not subjected to any form of liquid wash and should be kept away from any form of moist contact.
  • As rugs are quite precious to you in terms of look and price, therefore, a fiber guard is required in case you install the runner rugs in the dinning or kitchen area.

Whether you buy jute or sisal runner rug, the properties are common and highlighted as follows:

  • As these fibers are natural, therefore, even if these rugs are used for bio degradation, something would be benefitted by the environment which does not happen when any plastic or synthetic product is burnt.
  • It is an antistatic product perfect for the safety of children and old persons. It means it does not produce any static electricity which causes shocks. It usually only happens when the rugs made from artificial fibers.
  • These natural fiber rugs are suitable for people who are suffering from allergies and asthma as it is retains the property of not accumulating dust. Highly durable and even after the years of usage, these products will not fade in color.