Fun Summer Time Activities

Are you ready for a road trip? Before you plan out each detail consider going with a more spontaneous approach. Maybe you’re set on an afternoon at the ballpark. During summer months it’s time to lay back, relax and enjoy the warm weather as well as your time off. The kids are on vacation for a few months and you likely have at least a few weeks saved up. Check out these fun summer time activities.

Go to a Sporting Event

If you want to spend a fun afternoon being entertained pick a sporting event to pass the time during warm summer months. Go to a pro baseball game if your budget permits this activity. Those trying to pinch pennies need not sacrifice a trip to the ballpark. Local college baseball or minor league games offer you a reasonably-priced alternative to pricier professional events.

The game is just a part of the overall entertainment package. Minor league ball games in particular are fun, whacky events where you may see a trained dog fetching bats instead of a bat boy or a trained pig fetching balls instead of a ball boy. Since many minor league franchises are located in less populous areas promoters tend to think of zany, funny events to bring people to the ballpark.

If baseball is not your thing consider professional or amateur soccer matches, tennis, or any warm weather sporting event to keep the family entertained for the afternoon.

If you have no professional, semi-pro or college teams in your area visit a local high school game. The kids would love your support and you may just see an up and coming star by attending a high school game in your community.

Take a Spur of the Moment Road Trip

Spontaneous road trips are exciting, thrilling affairs perfect for a nice summer day. Not planning is as fun as planning your family day down to a “T”. Stick to a few basic rules; nobody is allowed to think anything out beforehand, other than packing a picnic lunch if you plan to stop and eat while saving a few dollars.

Other than that simply pack up a car, head for a local highway and start driving. When something interesting catches your eyes stop and take a look. The goal is to get lost in a new area. Bring the GPS if you’re visiting an especially remote spot of course. If it’s getting dark and you’ll still a distance from home why not rent a reasonably-priced motel room for the family? Do something different. Have fun. Summer-time, seat of the pants activities can be some of the more memorable trips you’ll ever take.

Visit a Water Show

Visit a spectacular musical fountain show to be captivated during your summer time off. Whether you want to attend an indoor or outdoor venue going to a water show can offer you a wildly entertaining afternoon or evening event. These rain or shine affairs can help you enjoy a unique presentation in a natural setting. Hop online to research local water shows and learn more about this fun and entertaining summer time activity.

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