Andy Wulf and Whitetail Deer Hunting

In America, hunting whitetail deer has always been a well-known leisure activity. But due to excessive hunting, their numbers were once almost wiped out. The whitetail deer population have been restored again due to the number of stringent measures for game management that were put into effect over the years. A buck, commonly known as the male deer is easily spotted because of its remarkable prominent set of antlers which fall off in the winter and again grow every year.

Female deer can give birth to up to three babies at one time and are called does. Both female and male deer have coats which become a grayish brown color by the time winter comes but in original it is reddish-white-brown in the summer. White tailed deer in the wild can live probably even longer than 11 years. Often hunters find hunting whitetail deer easier as it has been found that even if there is a lack of food, once the deer mark their territory, they are inclined to stay there instead of leaving their home.

Andy Wulf has been running an outfitter camp for more than 5 years and offers hunts in Mo, Iowa and Illinois. He is the lead man in the camp and his fully guided hunts include guide, transportation, meals and lodging.

Some Tips for Hunting:

The whitetail deer has a keen sense of instinct and seasoned hunters will tell you that if you want to have a successful hunt, then you should keep in mind that on your part no precaution is insignificant or too small. Whitetail deer can pick up your scent in a hundred ways as they have a highly sensitive nose. Thus, you should clean any hunting products with a scent free detergent and to avoid chewing tobacco or smoking. You should be sure to rinse your mouth well if you cannot do without your tobacco. A deer can run for cover if they can smell the slightest scent which seems unfamiliar to them.

The location of your hunt is of vital significance. Whitetail deer sleep for long periods and eat often during the day. As these areas are usually the favorite haunts of deer, most hunters prefer hiding in thick brushes or greener cover although it makes sense to stick to a used trail. These type of deer can vanish just as fast in a split second if they notice any movement. Hunters should make an attempt to merge with the natural surroundings and camouflage themselves. Hence, you should leave your blue jeans behind and avoid wearing brightly colored clothes. Choose clothes which are appropriate for the weather and that keep you comfortable.

Andy Wulf is the operator and owner of Whitetail Ridge Outfitters in Missouri and Iowa. They currently do guided hunts on over 12,000 acres in Missouri and over 10,000 acres of prime Whitetail Habitat in Iowa. He is a very strong believer in proper habitat management and Quality Deer Management.

It would surely do good to spend some time reading about how to have a successful hunt, whitetail deer and their habits as one of the most fundamental requirements for a successful hunt is completely understanding one’s target.

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