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Anthony Hamilton tour

Anthony Hamilton is the name everyone knows. Kanye West can cancel the show, but not AHam. He will tug through the Blues of one performance after another but will deliver the songs of enchantment nonetheless. Audiences to the Grammy Winner performed often regret that the set list was only too small, although that must not be the case because a typical concert goes on for at least 4 hours running without a break. The show is an exclusively entertaining affair for the privileged audience members participating in the world of the Django Unchained fame. Yes, it is Wild West in many ways at a Hamilton show. Seamless transition from one number to another (connected by funny spoof songs by the Hamilton band) gets the audience in a trance of admixture tunes.

Versatile Judgment

The singer judiciously uses his versatile genre repertoire to churn out one hits after another, keeping the audience hooked to the show from beginning to end. All in all, if you can always set your expectations on full satisfaction at Anthony Hamilton tour | Tickets. The Grammy Award-winning soul and Roots singer started his musical journey at the innocent age of 10, singing in church choirs in your hometown.

His Story

There, he got noticed by local music producer Mark Sparks. The spark in him was about to shine on the National and International stage, to illuminate the proud legacy of African American musical heritage in the America. Carrying the flag set by eternal performers such as Floyd Council, Lead Belly is a monumental task, and not everyone is up to the mark. However, with his versatility of musical choice and immense gusto of performance, Anthony Cornelius Hamilton is all set to deliver good faith like his namesake gentile in the Bible perhaps. Truth is said, during these times of complex political scenario swinging in the dilemma of hope and discrimination, only truly soulful music holds the magic to lift your spirits with inspiration.

Now is the Time

Perhaps, that is the reason why the Nobel Committee chose Bob Dylan as the recipient of this year’s award as a litterateur and Joan Baez was honored with a nomination to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. All the greats of the Golden Period of Music, Madonna, the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Van Morrison, have released new music in 2015/16. An extraordinary medley of amazing music from artists of today worldwide is literally overflowing the Universal harmony. Where does Anthony Hamilton stand in this revolutionary musical scenario? The singer has had the privilege of lending his mouth to the OST of the Quentin Tarantino Film Django Unchained.

Soul Salvation

As a solo artist, he has already released Seven Singles Albums. Heck, Anthony Hamilton might be the Moses of modern times, leading his tribe on a musical crossing across the Red Sea of turbulent times. His immense popularity stems from his incredible showmanship. Already sold 19.6 million Albums in his career, Hamilton never fails to keep up with the promise of delivering the dues that the love his audience bestows. Conveniently book the tickets to upcoming concerts Anthony Hamilton with fantastic online pre-sale options. 2016 has been an especially busy year for the R&B singer, salvaging his favorite music, the Soul from the ravages of social sickness.